Event: MangaNEXT Yuri Panel Schedule

October 31st, 2008

Just as a reminder, I will be in Somerset, NJ for MangaNEXT from today through Sunday, Nov. 22.

Here is my panel schedule;

Friday – 7PM – Writing for Manga

Saturday – 2PM – Yuri Panel
6PM – 10 Steps to Impressing a Publisher

Sunday – 12:30 – Manga Recomendations Show and Tell (I’m just facilitating this one.)

There’s going to be *plenty* of great Yuri and Yaoi flavored panels at the con – guest Mari Morimoto will be presenting “Gay Manga 101” Friday night, in which she will discuss the differences between “Gay” and “Lesbian” manga and “Yaoi” and “Yuri” manga.

Guest Rica Takashima will be participating with Mari and guest Misako Rocks! in a panel called “My Life in Manga” on Saturday and on Sunday, you can join a book club discussion on Rica’s works.

Don’t forget to visit Rica in the Artist Alley and the ALC “Circle of Yuri” where we’ll have some of our Yuri artists and writers hanging out to talk Yuri to you!

I’ll see you there. :-)

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  1. Dragoncaster says:

    Wow…part of me wishes I could make it to my FIRST YURI PANEL EVER!!!…then the other half of me saw that it’d also consist of yaoi and I was like, “Eh, notsomuchkthx.”

    I guess if it was tasteful enough and didn’t consist of any “unmentionables”, then I could stand to sit through the less-enjoyable half, if it were for the Yuri. ^_^

    Then I saw it was in New Jersey, and I wanted to die. Baltimore and Harrisburg are close enough for me to jump over to, but going much further’s a bit of strain on the wallet for a silly convention.

    “How to Impress the Publisher”.

    You’ll have to share that with me. Please, please, please? With whipped cream and a cherry on top?

    Nice informational post. Thanks for the update. Hope I can see you at Otakon this year Erica.

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