November 4th, 2008

This is a message to my US readers. I won’t be the only blogger asking you to go out today and vote.

For years I have been saying that Yuri doesn’t really equal G/L/B/T/I, and many fans of Yuri and Yaoi are not actually supporters of gay rights. But many of you are, and if *you* don’t get out there and make your voice heard, then we are in for another 4 years of repression, fear and crushing economic and social policies.

Please, get out today and vote.

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    For Obama of McCain if you want to have Pailin’s theocracy

  2. BruceMcF says:

    Quite … and for Californians who fear their vote “doesn’t count” in the Presidential election, there are a raft of Propositions, from NO ON PROP 8 to the High Speed Rail (Obama wants people to vote yes on Prop 1A), and a boatload of others.

  3. Rowan says:

    Hells Yeah, I voted.

  4. Filo says:

    I wonder how it is that some yaoi/Yuri fans are not supporters of gays/lesbians in real life

    And I just can’t decide between the two candidates

  5. Anonymous says:

    To Filo: while it does seem strange, I sort of hope there is logic behind it, since I’d be worried if all the people who enjoyed lolicon also liked “the real thing”.

  6. grace says:

    exercise your to vote! your vote matters (even when you think it might not – it does!)

    i waited 40 minutes outside this guy’s garage to cast my ballot this morning – not a long wait in comparison to other parts of the country – but it was worth the wait.

  7. Victoria says:

    Yes, I voted as well!

    Unfortunately California’s Prop 8 is coming in as the votes are finishing being counted. But it is close enough where it shows how much support G/L/B/T have behind them. Another four years is not so bad because eventually it will pass. This is the time of Change. :D Wheee~

    Yes we can :D

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well prop 8 did end up passing in CA but it was only by 2%. There’s still hope but young supporters from my generation need to keep pushing it. Long hauls for sure.

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