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November 13th, 2008

It’s great pleasure to thank Komatsu-san for sponsoring today’s review! This is the first of several volumes of manga that he sent me and I hope you’ll all enjoy the reviews as much as I enjoyed the manga!

Kokonoka no Majyo takes place in a fantasy setting, at a girls school. In this original situation, the story starts with several of the students at the school discussing the witch who lives in the surrounding forest. Sarami, an amiable girl who is a recent transfer into the school, does not know the legend. So when the wind begins to blow and all of a sudden a girl who looks exactly like Sarami appears, needless to say, she’s a little surprised.

The forest witch, who takes the name Nanoka, is a nice kid, much like Sarami. The book continues with chapter after chapter of pleasant, day to day happy school and life situations, in which Sarami gets to pass her enjoyment of all things on to Nanoka. Of course there is some drama, there are some happy moments, some sad moments, a magical creature sidekick thing and an annoying little sister-type character. Everything is in its place.

The truth behind Nanoka is not entirely unpredictable, but again, it’s a comfortable fit. The whole book is one formulaic, agreeable romp through stereotypical situations and clichéd characters. The art is moe but almost completely without fanservice so, if you prefer your cute and sweet to remain unerotized, you will find this story appealing.

Yuri comes in the form of tall, classic beauty Kanon and her wavy-haired girlfriend Aretta. They have a chapter all to themselves, so we are in no doubt whatsoever as to whether they are together. And for the entirety of the story, they are a happy couple, seen doing very normal things together, like shopping and playing in a stream. An altogether refreshingly happy Yuri couple, doing completely average things. One could easily imagine them shopping for furniture together. ^_^


Art – I’d say 5, but should you like moe 7 seems reasonable
Story – 7
Characters – 7
Yuri – 6
Service – .5

Overall – 7

While there’s nothing shockingly original about Kokonoka no Majyo, time spent reading it is time spent pleasantly. Thank you Komatsu-san!

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