Lady Snowblood Manga, Volume 4 (English)

November 18th, 2008

Ah, those lesbians. Always unstable and lascivious, usually murderous, they are just like sociopathic male stalkers, but with breasts. Thanks to Frederick D, today’s sponsor, we can wallow in their perverted behaviors and unnatural urges!

The “lesbians” in this manga remind me of a vividly remembered “lesbian” character from a Tom Clancy novel who comforted a married woman when her husband went missing, but it was all a ruse to get into her pants. Excuse, me, skirt. Because real women wear dresses, you know. Only lezbos wear pants.

And so it is here in Lady Snowblood, Volume 4, in which Syurayuki approaches the end of her lifelong vendetta. In order to fulfill her vengeance, Lady Snowblood must bear the seduction of the overweight, sweaty and altogether unappealing head nurse at a hospital for children and, later, she uncovers the deception of a cross-dressing blackmailing murderer.

The best part of all this is the lip-smacking. I know, as do you, that us lesbians walk around eyeballing every straight woman, barely containing our drool. (I can’t even type that without rolling my eyes.)

After getting past the evil lesbian bosses, and after receiving a healing spell from her surrogate father, Syurayuki faces her final confrontation, which ends in a very traditional turn for the ironic.

Lady Snowblood has both gained her revenge and her salvation, as the story comes to a beautiful, ambiguous, melancholy end.

However. Somewhere, a new lip-smacking, evil psycho lesbian boss is chortling like Ming the Merciless, as she picks up the thread of perversion and carries it into the future. (That’s not in the book, I just made it up. It just amuses me to imagine this alternate ending. )


Art – 6
Story – 7
Characters – 7
Yuri – 5
Service – 5

Overall – 7

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  1. Winterbraid says:

    Heh, I remember that novel as well (though not the title or what it was about ^-^;). Yeah, even at the time I read it (being young and inexperienced… not that I`m that old or experienced presently, mind you) I realised something was wrong with her. Around here, I guess wearing skirts is being more queer than pants nowadays; all women wear pants and only goths, emos and Gospel musicians wear skirts. ;)

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