Yuri News This Week – November 22, 2008

November 22nd, 2008

Yuri Manga

Anonymous wrote in to let us know that the first collection of Chi-Ran’s Yuri Hime stories, Shoujo Bigaku is now available in Germany! Cool for European Yuri fans.


Yuri Anime

Sleepy is pleased to share the news that new Ichigo Mashimaro anime is slated to be released on January 29, 2009. More Miu madness, more 5 girls doing absolutely nothing cutely. lol

emilie wanted to remind us that Nabatome Hitomi is confirmed as the voice of Nana in the upcoming Maria-sama ga Miteru fourth anime season – and wants us to know that the new radio drama is is up for that! It includes a short story from the 30th novel. (You may remember that Nabatome Hitomi played Eriko in the previous seasosn, so it’s either a genius move – or a cheap one. You decide. lol)


Yuri Webcomic

Creator Leia Weathington asked if I could let you all know about Legend of Bold Riley, the ongoing adventures of a lesbian princess. Of course I can. :-) She also wants you to know that a collected volume will be out in 2010, so keep it on your radar!


Snatches of Yuri

Okay, there’s a series running in Comic Rex magazine called Onigokko . I have no idea what it’s about, but there’s chicks with weapons, so one has to suppose there’s some Yuri, doesn’t one? :-) Japanese Yuri blogs seems to think so.

I don’t even know what to say about this one. Abunai! Tosho-inchou! seems to live in that world where library workers dress like maids. Beats me why anyone would want that. Again, the kinds of people who think that is right and just, will certainly find there be Yuri.

And just to remind the faithful that there is Marimite outside the anime, the most recent book, Maria-sama ga Miteru: Sotugyousen Shoukei is available for sale. It happens to be the next book I’ll be reading. Cannot *wait*!


That’s it for this week, but keep the news coming and I’ll be sure to share it!

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    It didn’t really hit me how long Marimite was until you spelt it out for me… 30 novels, eh? That’s a staggering pile of books right there.

    And the only thing I seem to recall from Onigokko was the main character’s creepy demon girl friend who had a creepily obsessive relation with her equally creepy brother. It was good enough to kill time, but you’re not missing anything here.

  2. 35 books, to date. 33 novels, the Premium Book and the Illustration Collection. :-)

  3. JazzCat says:

    Wow, Ichigo Mashimaro will be out in january as well? Cool, then with marimite I have a double reward for finishing my Yuri novel at the end of the year (you have to keep yourself motivated).

  4. J says:

    Onigokko is creepy, drippy and full of service, some of it Yuri and some not. Kuromasa Shisei appears to have an abnormal interest in making girls look like they are melting (something which is also noticeable in his shorts for Yuri Hime S).

    There are indeed some Yuri vibes between the main character Yoriko and her ‘creepy demon girl friend’ Kirin, but both of them appear to be more interested in Kirin’s brother. In fact there are Yuri vibes all over the place, but I doubt any of those hints will amount to anything. The author has shown a penchant for polygamous endings in the past, so it’s possible it the manga might end up going in that direction… but that still isn’t Yuri.

    The only ‘real’ Yuri is in the form of Sylvie; a girl who happens to be a re-incarnated (sans-memories) villain from a previous arc. Sylvie has a creepy crush on Yoriko because their faces happened to collide during a fight. True to manga physics, this caused a kiss instead of a couple of broken noses. Somehow Sylvie’s trace memory of this kiss (the only thing that carried over from her previous incarnation, apparently) translated into a desire to molest Yoriko whenever possible. Pfft.

    Onigokko is one of those things that one should really feel ashamed for reading and I definitely do not recommend it. Not even as a guilty pleasure. That said, there are certain things which one can find likeable about it, and I will probably continue to read it sporadically.

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