Yuri Manga: Magie Paire, Volume 4

January 28th, 2009

In Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 of Magie Paire (マギーペール,) we met mage-in-training Maria and her powerful and beautiful onee-sama Reina. We also learned that Maria, although from a family of powerful mages, cannot use her power unless she is touching magical jujubee Unyu. We then proceeded to ignore this mystery in favor of multiple scenes of dressing and undressing.

Now we arrive at Volume 4, the final volume of this series by Takagi Nobuyuki. It’s now or never, as graduation approaches and soon Maria will lose her beloved Reina-oneesama and, presumably, her chance to become a mage.

But first…some service! A cat-demon has escaped and whatever it inhabits immediately becomes a lustful creature intent on getting a little sugar from who or whatever it admires. When it jumps from the cat to Reina, it causes all sorts of cat-eared havoc, including a kiss between possessed Reina and a not unwilling Maria.

This is followed by a challenge by Nagi for Maria’s position as Reina’s Suite. They set out on a quest, the winner of which will retain or take the position. They end up having to work together and Maria keeps her place, but Nagi vows to keep trying.

There’s still one Magie without a Suite. He possesses the power of water. All the other Magies and their Suites are betting on who he choses. When he picks Maria’s friend Yunagi, everyone is pleased.

And, finally, Maria and Reina face down the problem they’ve had since the very beginning – Maria not being able to use her magic. They conjur a magic creature that almost immediately goes out of control. When Reina is put in a dangerous position, Maria finally hears the voice of her sword, Valentine. At last she is able to access her magic and take her position as the next Magie of Flame.

Graduation day arrives and Maria asks the question she’s had in her heart since the first day they met – why her? She was completely unable to use magic, so…why chose her as Suite? Reina replies that it was simple -she fell in love with Maria at first sight. Their attempts at a romantic kiss are foiled by first Unyu, then Nagi.

Later that day, Maria steps up as the next Magie of Flame and announces that she choses Nagi as her Suite. No one is surprised except Nagi.

And, at last, as they say goodbye, Mari and Reina *finally* get in their first genuine kiss.

Takagi’s stuff isn’t high art. It’s full of random dress-up and panty shots, bathing and Yuri. And it’s full cute pinked-cheeked characters, UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) and usually something only slightly resembling a plot. Whether you’re reading Casseiopeia Dolce or Pure Marionation, his stories are all, roughly, the same. ^_^ The setting is different, but the general sense of dressing and undressing is consistent. It’s not brain killingly bad. It’s not genius. It’s what it is. ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 5
Characters – 6
Yuri – 6
Service – 7

Overall – 6

If you like your moe sweet and cute and slightly service-y without a nasty edge, Magie Paire will scratch that itch nicely.

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