Yuri Manga: Yuri Hime, Volume 15 (Part 2)

March 24th, 2009

The second half of this volume of Yuri Hime (百合姫) picks up with “Mizu-iro Cinema,” a little ditty about popular actress Yui who, after a day’s shoot decides to take a walk along the beach. As she stands looking out over the water, a voice impores her to not jump and she is tackled, then accidentally pushed in, by a girl school uniform. Tamae takes Yui to her house to warm up and dry off. Yui and Tamae realize they are the same age, and during a discussion about school, Yui reminisces about her former schoolmate…and lover. Upon returning to her hotel, Yui realizes she has lost a necklace given to her by that former lover and rushes back to see if Tamae found it. Tamae leaps into the water to find it when she realizes that the necklace holds meaning for Yui, but as the other girl looks for it, Yui thinks that maybe, it doesn’t have that much meaning after all. The end of the story asks “Has a new love begun…?” But really if it weren’t by Hiyori Otsu, running in Yuri Hime and they didn’t say that, I’d say, “Not really.” But what do I know? ^_^

“Sei Ippai Suki to Uso to” is by another new winner of Ichijinsha’s manga contest. Kayo and Miya meet on the first day of school and become love rivals for the hand of Rinko-sempai. Only, Miya has fallen in love with her rival. Happily, Kayo is also in love with Miya, so it all works out. The best thing about this story was that the art reminded me of Raku-Gun’s, but wasn’t as angular and cynical.

Oh look at that. “Nanami to Misuzu” is still running.

This is followed by color pages hawking Ichijinsha properties. Then moving on into “Sweet Peach” which completely fails to capture my attention. The splash page offers gratutious bathing scene for those who really like that. Touka is thrust into another confusing situation as treasured companion to Amateru-sama and surrounded by maids and handservants. It makes about as much sense as any other scenario in this story has.

“Shirogami” allows the editor to include another “wounded girl” story. Minaho has no memory of the past two years, not even a glimmer of recognition for her best friend Takako. In her mind, she’s still in her third-year of middle school. Takako comes by bringing books for her all the time. Minaho wonders why she likes them so much, but Takako’s answer throws her for a loop – Takako knows her likes and dislikes and holds books she knows Minaho will like to forward them to her. The messages on her cel phone to “that Minaho” – her self previous to her accident – from Takako puzzle her. She deletes them, until she comes across a picture of her and Takako…kissing. At school she confronts Takako with that picture, insisting that she is not “that” Minaho. In tears, Takako apologizes for upsetting Minaho. Minaho gets a heartfelt mesaage that Takako misses her and the next day, Minaho waits for her, sending her a message that she wants to see her too.

“Tokumei Prologue” tells the story of how Nanao met Matsumoto, before the stories that make up Junsui Adolescence. It was love at first sight. ^_^

In “Past Heaven” Yuu has never had the chance to go to a friend’s house so when Ayumu invites her, she’s very nervous – and even more so when she realizes that they are alone. But Ayumu is Ayumu, so Yuu-chan is happy, until Ayumu pushes her back and asks her to go out with her. Yuu replies that she doesn’t do that kind of thing, and Ayumu immediately relents. But at school the next day, when Yuu greets Ayumu, she’s greeted pleasantly – with her family name instead of her given name. Yuu guesses correctly that she’s hurt Ayumu. She finds the other girl smoking behind a tree, and learns that Yuu resembles (heavy sigh) a girl she used to be in love with. They were discovered kissing by a parent, who separated them immediately. So when Ayumu came to this chsool, she was immediately captured by Yuu, who resembled her girlfriend. Yuu says that she really doesn’t think there’s a difference between being friends and going out, but Ayumu says that it is different. Yuu declares that she can’t become Ayumu’s former gf, but will make sure she’s not alone. They end the story eating warm taiyaki together.

And finally, “Apple Day Dream.” In between being reminded that Mayu has a big chest and Kaoru loves big chests, we learn some incidentals about the cast, like family members and favorite flavors. Mayu give Kaoru Valentine’s Day chocolate, but really doesn’t expect anything in return.

Overall – 8

This issue probably had fewer stories I genunely didn’t like then any other. Overall it’s a neat bell curve – a few to love, most average and a few to dislike.

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  1. J says:

    This is a rather belated comment (and thus may serve no purpose whatsoever), but I am under the impression that Raku-Gun and Junk Lab (Takemiya Jin) are friends. They were giving out a joint message paper to people who bought doujinshi from their shared table at Kansai Comitia, and they also share a (n outdated) website. I thought I would mention this, because it may explain a certain similarity in art style (from either a chicken or egg direction).

  2. @J – They’ve shared many a table together at Comiket as well. That’s not unheard of.

  3. J says:

    I didn’t mean to imply that their acquaintance was anything uncommon. I only wanted to point out that an acquaintance between artists can (sometimes) spring from or lead to a convergence in style.

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