Your and My Secret Manga, Volume 3 (English)

March 26th, 2009

Akira and Nanako switch bodies with the help of a machine that then immediately breaks, leaving them stranded in each other. Akira likes Nanako and Nanako likes Nanako. Shiina is Nanako’s best friend and, now that Nanako is in Akira’s body, they are going out. Senbongi is Akira’s best friend and, now that Akira is in Nanako’s body – which Senbongi knows – he wants to go out with Akira. Because Shiina is cute and girly, Akira naturally likes her too, so all that’s left is Senbongi and Akira’s body liking each other to make a complete mess.

Which is exactly what we get in Volume 3 of Your and My Secret.

The bulk of the book is taken up by Akira (in Nanako’s body) playing Juliet to an extremely amorous Senbongi. Nanako (in Akira’s body) seems to be uncommonly jealous and rumors spring up about Akira and Senbongi as a result. When Senbongi attempts to actually kiss Akira (in Nanako’s body) at the climax of the play, Nanako (in Akira’s body) jumps in to break up the kiss, but ends up kissing Akira (in Nanako’s body)instead. Nanako (in Akira’s body) jumps up and, to cover her (his) behavior confesses his feelings for Senbongi. The girls of the school respond with doujinshi immediately.

While we all wallow in this crazy, wacky, unresolvable gender-bendy love quadrangle, there is one poor soul whose soul is not having any fun at all. Shiina, Nanako’s best friend now girlfriend, is confused, hurt and upset. In the very first sign of her thinking of someone other than herself, Nanako (in Akira’s body) apologizes to her (his) erstwhile girlfriend with a kiss. Whether you consider that Yuri or not is entirely personal.

The book ends with Senbongi once again trying to argue his case to Akira (in Nanako’s body.) He doesn’t care that the girl in front of him is really a boy, he likes Akira and thinks he’s cute as Nanako. End of story for him. But Akira states plainly that, despite everything, he likes Nanako. Senbongi apologizes for being difficult and leaves the room. Where can this possibly lead? I have no idea. I can see Akira (in Nanako’s body) competing with Shiina for his own body with Nanako inside. But I guess we’ll find out next time, won’t we? ^_^

So, Yuri is in the eye of the beholder once again. If a girl in a boy’s body kissing a girl is Yuri or if a boy in a girl’s body liking a girl is Yuri for you, then you will see this as Yuri. I’m more inclined to weight emotional intent higher than physical aspect, myself. And of course, there’s apparent – and amusing – BL too, for those of you who like that.


Art – 8
Characters – 6
Story – 6
Yuri – 3
Service – 5

Overall – 7

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