Yuri Manga: Akatsuki-iro no Senpuku Majyo, Volume 2

April 9th, 2009

Akatsuki-iro no Senpuku Majyo Volume 2 (暁色の潜伏魔女)is translated as “The concealment witch of color at daybreak II” which is a good argument for Japanese publishers not trying to do their own translation. ^_^

In Volume 1, we met Akira, a girl with the magic of electricity, who was burdened by a curse and is really looking for her sister at Tenshi Gakuen. She’s befriended by several of the other students, including Tokiko, and at the end of the volume she meets Yoru-sempai, her sister.

Volume 2 starts off with a glimpse at Tokiko’s true love, Shouya, who is in love with Yoru, who is in love with Akira, who is in love with a memory. Tokiko is desired by Tomo and Akira is the objet d’crush for Robert. It’s not so much raging hormones and love as raging crushiness and sincere “like.” Aside from the magic, it reminds me pretty thoroughly of high school, in fact.

This particular love polygon involves the characters in an extended-family of a sort, since they each want to support the person they like and are usually friends with each other. So when Akira is punished by a teacher for circumstances beyond her control from the first volume, they all pitch in to help.

Yoru creates a magic pill (magic medicine is her specialty) which she ends up taking, focusing her interest on Shouya who has a thing for her. but it turns out that she actually intended it for Akira, hoping to “become more friendly.” Akira rejects that, but is glad enough to be plenty friendly with Yoru as it is.

We follow Robert’s struggle with his magic power – the ability to make things move – that has severely lessened since he was young, and when Akira is struck with a cold, everyone moves heaven and earth to try and make her well.

Tokiko’s interest in Shouya brings Tomo up against a wall as she sees into Tokiko’s heart while trying to be kind to her. She’s not giving up, but she knows there’s really no chance for her.

And in a radical turn of events, a second girl trapped in an iron suit appears. Only this girl, Mimosa, brings with her an evil and unkind magic that possesses Akira and makes her do bad things. The book comes to an end as Akira faces the fact that it may have been a terrible mistake to let Mimosa out of her iron suit.

Yuri this volume is one-sided, a bit annoying, but constant. Tomo’s crush on Tokiko will remain unrequited, but it’s real. Yoru’s interest in Akira includes wanting to turn her into a love slave, so I think we can say it goes beyond sisterly feelings and there’s a random breast grope when Akira is possessed by Mimosa’s evil snake spirit.


Art – 6
Characters – 7
Story – 7
Yuri – 3
Service – 2

Overall – 7

As you know, I am not a Hakamada Mera fan, but as far as this particular artist goes, I think this way well be my favorite book and definitely my favorite series so far. It’s not great drama or hysterical comedy. It retreads extremely well-worn paths, but it’s quite nice actually, and comfortable, like a well-worn shoe…with magical shoelaces.

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  1. Jo, the 2nd. says:

    Dear omniscient God,

    there is a rumor lurking around that Simoun might get a second season but wherever I searched I didn’t find anything relevant.

    Could you please poke around too and if there is indeed something inform your faithful followers on the weekend report?

    PS: please don’t post this comment. My email provider is somehow stuck and I thought of this to bring this to God’s attention.

    (the tone of this comment is humorous and not sarcastic. If a second season for Simoun is coming I really want to see it and I really love your work on this site)

  2. Jo – Don’t know how I’m to respond if I don’t post it. But…I haven’t heard anything of the sort from Ichijinsha or anyone else. Ít seems more like wishful thinking, a misunderstanding of the Drama CD/manga or merely fannish ruumor than anything else. Fans hate to accept that a series is over, especially one that ends ambiguously.

    *If* there were a second season, I would honestly expect it to be either the story of Chor Dextra or a completely different story altogether, rather than a continuation of the story of Chor Tempest.

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