Finding Yuricon & ALC at AnimeNEXT

June 13th, 2009

Con Row at AnimeNEXT is past registration and around the corner, in from of the back door to the Expo Center – where the shuttle bus lets off. the Yuricon table is on the left as you walk in.

Yuri Panel is at 6PM on Saturday, June 13 – see you there!

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  1. mrgazpacho says:

    Hi Erica;

    Thanks for humouring this Aussie guy with a long rambling discussion on Friday afternoon.

    Nice panel too – the trailer for Aoi Hana had some really beautiful music and made me want to check it out for that alone.
    (sorry for being the guy in the white shirt “hiding” up the back – I was catching a meal and didn’t want to put others off…)

  2. @mrgazpacho – Thanks for spending time chatting. It was a blast! I’m sorry I couldn’t see that far back to see it was you. My eyes are a lovely blue, but not very effective. lol

  3. mrgazpacho says:

    Oh – I just found the place where I saw th reference to the “weak” new generation of Japanese men:

  4. @mrgazpacho Thank you! I just could not for the life of me remeber “herbivorous.” :-)

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