Yuri This Week – June 20, 2009

June 20th, 2009

I’m out on the road today, so keeping it short. Next week I’ll be at Jim Hanley’s Universe on Gay Pride Saturday with a number of LGBTQ artists and writers for a Prism Comics book signing.

Saturday, New York City, the summer, Gay Pride weekend. You know you wanna~

See you there!

Yuri Light Novels

A number of people have noted that there is indeed going to be a new Maria-sama ga Miteru Novel, Little Horrors. The former novels are now being referred to as the “Sachiko Arc” and this is post-Sachiko. I’m still of the belief that this will be a short story collection wrapped in a Yamayurikai wrapping. I say this because I really, honestly read a bunch of non-YYK stories in Cobalt that had not yet made it to a novel by Hello Goodbye. Pre-order on Amazon JP isn’t up as of typing, but as *soon* as I can, I’ll put it on the Yuricon Shop Light Novels Page and link to it here as well.


Yuri Anime

Katherine notes that the sketches for the opening sequence Utena director Ikuhara Kunihiko is working, on looks *awfully* like Aoi Hana. Judge for yourself, read the article on ANN.

George wants to share that the “Tears to Tiara anime has a Yuri story in episodes 8-11. Octavia and Lidia (played by Tanaka Rie and Sawashiro Miyuki) are comrades who end up on opposite sides in this conflict. Octavia’s noble honor is softened, but not weakened, by her interaction with the main protagonists. Lidia has evil psycho down
cold, and is definitely obsessed with Octavia. She is only softened by memories of their childhood friendship and training together. Whether they were more than comrades depends on your interpretation of the wonderfully flexible Japanese word “suki” in their final duel. Sadly, they don’t get a happy ending together. On the other hand, this is still not bad for anime originally derived from an ecchi harem game.”

And Queen’s Blade has been greenlighted (or should that be red light, hernh hernh) for a second season.


Yuri Manga

Bruce is terribly excited to learn that one of his favorite manga artists, Ohishi Masaru is going to have a story in Tsubomi Volume 3. Bruce says he’s been looking for teeny little not-quite hints of Yuri for years in Ohishi’s work and is pleased as punch to be able to see him go full out…well, as full out as Tsubomi ever is. :-)


No snatches today, I’m halfway out the door. But as always, please share any Yuri news with us by emailing me at anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com!


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