Yuri News: Aoi Hana Anime on Crunchyroll

July 1st, 2009

Fans of Aoi Hana will be able to watch the new anime within an hour of it showing on Japanese TV on Cruchyroll!

Check out the CR Aoi Hana listing for information. It will be made available at 3PM EDT for American viewers.

Update: This simulcast is subbed, and appears to be available to UK, Mexico and Canada viewers as well. If you can confirm any other countries, please let us know!.

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24 Responses

  1. deanbcurtis says:

    Crunchyroll has really come a long way. Not to be a shill, but if anyone was put off by some of their lesser quality streams earlier, they have vastly improved. I was ecstatic when they grabbed Ristorante Paradiso, but to simulcast Aoi Hana, that places them firmly in the cool zone.

  2. ashi says:

    I commented over there that I’d become aware of this because of the Okazu Blog. :) Wonder if I can manage to watch it here on my lunch break…

  3. Katherine says:

    Yes!!! XD I joined Crunchyroll just for this!! I was willing to wait for Ristorante Paradiso, but not Aoi Hana. I can’t wait to see it today!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sucks you have to pay for it >_> I don’t have a credit card to sign up free either.

  5. @Anonymous – You don’t *have* to pay for it. You can wait until the embargo is over and see it for free.

    More importantly, it does NOT suck that you can pay for something you want and provide a fair living wage to the people who made it and have licensed it on your behalf. It DOES suck that you want what you want for free, immediately, subbed and are willing to give nothing for it. Very selfish and childish, in fact.

  6. Well, just finished up the first episode – it was excellent.

  7. jaymiemizuno says:

    i was left crying out for more of the show afterwards! i mean, i gotta wait a week now. T_T

  8. grace says:

    my heart is aflutter…what a great first episode – i look forward to the rest on crunchyroll. but for some reason, my video wasn’t subbed – it was fine because i got most of it, but i had thought the series would be subbed.

    also, the cost for membership on crunchyroll is a small pittance for what one gets (in my opinion). and if one doesn’t want to subscribe, then wait – it’s just a week!

  9. ArcaJ says:

    I just finished it as well. Ikuhara Kunihiko directed the OP (if you couldn’t tell lol!). J.C. Staff came through for us Yuri fans again. This series is likely to keep me busy for weeks to come.

    Finally, Yuri I don’t have to feel dirty for watching (glares at “Saki”). Remember to tell your friends about this one to let the publishers know that Yuri is a viable market worth investing in.


    Arca Jeth

  10. transientem says:

    Just wanted to let you know that this first episode is/was viewable in Canada.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I watched it the moment my countdown timer finished. I must say I really like the animation, I think it’s pretty.

    I was a bit shocked to see it wasn’t subbed like I heard it would be, but I understood the general basis the episode. I was absolutely lost on the one conversatio near the end between Fumi and Chizu(?) though. I feel it was important too.

  12. Aoi Hana was subbed – it seems that some people could not see the subtitles. Other (including myself) saw them just fine. No clue why. I’d recommend writing CR and reporting the problem.

  13. BruceMcF says:

    They are soft subtitles not hard subs … the first thing to do if nothing shows is to right click on top of the stream and see if “enable soft subtitles” is an option. If so, select it. If “disable soft subtitles” is the option, then there is something wrong.

    BTW, fujicreativepublishers has uploaded it for free simulcast … there’s no need to pay to watch it. You can check the show launch calendar, the yellow shows are members only, the green are for everyone.

  14. Anonymous says:

    If you were tuned in while the countdown was still on-going, there is the probability that subtitles were off. You had to manually switch them on yourself by right-clicking and selecting the soft-sub option.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Btw, I don’t think you have to sign up for crunchyroll to watch it. At least, I didn’t sign up for anything and was able to watch it just fine w/ subtitles.

  16. Mr. Chappellefan says:

    I found this adaptation beautiful and very satisfying, especially with the OP and ED. I also like the voices of Fumi and Akira and hope they get a good 11 episode season here.

    In short, this anime was more satisfying and fuffilling than Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

  17. kieli says:

    I enjoyed every second. I had joined Crunchyroll as a subscriber a long while ago because I wanted to see Eve no Jikan, Saki and other anime. Thankfully, the selection is quite cool and allows me to be able to view the things I eventually want to purchase. Aoi Hana is, for the moment, extremely high on that list. The little details were among the best things so far: sun on the water, that slice of life feel, even the subtle interactions between the characters. My only complaint is that the time is just too short! Must have more!

  18. jaymiemizuno says:

    my subs didn’t work at first; i had to right-click and choose the subs again to be able to see them.

  19. Anonymous says:

    For some reason I didn’t see any embargo before I joined up but much more importantly that HD stream (720p version) is really something. Makes an already lovely art style even that much more stunning. If you do indeed have a membership and capability to display, I highly recommend you click on that 720p below the progress bar.-JL

  20. I only got a few minutes in because my internet connection is giving me crap, but it looks nice so far. I look forward to watching more.

  21. bec says:

    i really love the aesthetics of the show – the characters look great and the animation fits the story really well. kinda reminds me of ichigo mashimaro, so relaxing. it’s always so exciting to see a how manga translates to screen, especially when it’s done well. can’t wait for more episodes!! (also glad it’s not region specific on CR.)

    btw fumi is a babe.

  22. bec says:

    oh and it’s available to watch in australia. unlike airmaster :(

  23. Having read the first volume of Aoi Hana at least four times in the last few years, I was able to pick out every scene that was original and every change made.

    And you know what…? It was amazing. I think whoever is writing the script for this anime is a genius because they are presenting the anime in a fresh, original manner without ever once veering away from the source material.

    So we aren’t seeing basically the manga regurgitated in motion and colour–this is a genuine adaptation with its own artistic sense of development.


    As for Crunchyroll, it’s not available for people in Turkey or in the Caribbean as I am hearing from various sources.

  24. GregC says:

    Wow. I’m always afraid when a fave manga goes to anime but I’m very happy so far. I absolutely loved the muted water-color style. It fits the tone perfectly. It’s one of my favorite things about Nodame Cantabile also. I wish more color comics were like that.

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