Yuri News: Aoi Hana on Afterellen.com

July 10th, 2009

The largest online lesbian media source, Afterellen.com will be premiering this summer’s Yuri anime hit, Aoi Hana: Sweet Blue Flowers via Crunchyroll.

Afterellen covers lesbian media and entertainment of all forms, and they stream a number of live-action drama and news series on their site. This is their first anime stream.

Both the anime stream and an article I wrote about the series goes live tonight at 11PM EST. Check it out and don’t forget to rant about how much you love my articles in the comments! :-)

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10 Responses

  1. Katherine says:

    Cool! XD I’m looking forward to your article! I think it’s fantastic that Aoi Hana‘s being streamed on AE. :)

  2. jovvijo says:

    Sigh, I’ve been reading the manga for ages and to know that it’s now an anime? *swoon*
    This! This is what all those optional Japanese classes were for!
    HA HA HA!!!
    Life is good!
    And yes I shall go to Afterellen and read all their hype and maybe even mention certain bloggers….^_-

  3. GregC says:

    I’m glad to see Aoi Hana getting so much love. I can’t believe I’m watching/reading another high school romance but it’s such a sweet story.

  4. It is no accident that Aoi Hana is showing on Afterellen.com, you must realize. Maybe one day I’ll write a case study on this particular use of social media.

  5. deanbcurtis says:

    So this is what a parallel universe is like. I guess next week AE will have a ten part interview with Nakamura Ching.

    Absolutely splendid article. It’s always fun to see Yuri and an anime like Aoi Hana, rolled out to a new audience.

    Also, I love that Yuri couple is in quotation marks with Kanamemo. So true, and yet, so awesome.

  6. @deanbcurtis – If I could, I would *so* arrange that. :-)

    I wrote “Yuri Couple” to differentiate them from a “Lesbian couple” which few, if any, anime characters are. :-)

  7. missuspurnsey says:

    Awesome! Afterellen and Okazu have been on my loyal surfer’s list for YEARS :D

  8. @missuspurnsey – Thanks for being a loyal surfer!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Your article is very good and fun to read especially being on AE. I still can’t believe they’re going to stream in as well via crunchyroll:). That is major news as AE has quite a lot of readers. Does all the publicity this show is getting in the US/online mean anything to the good folks in Japan? I can only hope that they understand how passionate the Yuri fandom can be sometimes, and that we actually like quality Yuri, which Aoi Hana has in spades (the manga and hopefully the anime as well if they continue in this direction).

    Anyway, good job on the article! This is probably the first time AE has covered anything anime-related if i remember correctly.

  10. @Anonymous – Thanks for the kind words. :-) I’ve written about anime for Afterellen before, so it’s not the firs time they’ve covered the topic – and I did a revie on Starwberry Panic! a few months ago, so it’s not even the first series covered there.

    The “passion” of fans means nothing to companies. 10 very passionate fans are still only 10 people. What matters is numbers. Getting Aoi Hana on ae means hopefully more people will see it. Will that affect Japan? Probabaly not. They have no reason to cater to this very small western fandom, when the domestican fandom is larger and buys more.

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