Your And My Secret Manga, Volume 4

July 23rd, 2009

Crazy, wacky gender-bendy hijinks turn into slightly serious gender-bendy hijinks in Volume 4 of Your and My Secret.

Akira, still stuck in Nanako’s body, is being wooed by his best Senbongi, while Nanako, happily passing her days in Akira’s body, is still going out with her best friend Shiina.

The bulk of the volume follows Akira’s wavering feelings, as he is alternately attracted to Senbongi, repulsed by his own interest, and still – he insists – in love with Nanako. Senbongi says plain out that he doesn’t care that its Akira in there – he likes the Nanako he is. Akira gives in and they begin to date – which doesn’t actually make him any happier, except when it does.

We get a little glimpse back to their earlier years and see that Senbongi hasn’t changed much. He’s more sensitive in some ways and less in others, but overall he’s not a bad guy. And there’s no reason to doubt his affection for Akira.

Their date ends at a love hotel, but nothing happens on account of the unlikely appearance of Grandpa. Ah, ha. Ha.

Meanwhile, in the only dribble of Yuri in this book, Nanako is still dating Shiina and doing a damn good job of it too, by the looks of it. Ironically, upon seeing her best friend’s body in tears, Shiina, still out of the loop on the switch, admits that if she were a guy, she’d want to go out with Nanako…which, she is. Just not the way she thinks. If there’s anyone I sympathize with in this story, it’s Shiina, who is the sweetest, least manipulative character and the only one of the four who doesn’t know what’s up. I don’t see it being a good end for her.

The end chapter is a generic extra story about a boy who is clueless about girls.

I sincerely hope that the next book delves a bit into Nanako’s issues dating Shiina, because Akira’s reactions are kind of limited and I think we’ve run through his whole repertoire now.

It’s not a bad series for a forced gender switch comedy manga. Now that we’ve had a volume off of Nanako being a jerk, I’m ready to turn the spotlight back on her, though.


Art – 8
Characters – 6
Story – 6
Yuri – 1
Service – 5

Overall – 7

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