Zombie Loan Manga, Volume 3 (English)

July 24th, 2009

Having sold her soul to the Ferryman, Michiru’s life went from miserable to chaotic. But, in Zombie Loan, Volume 3, it’s finally settling down into a pattern of hunting zombies with Shito and Chika in order to pay off the loan that keeps her alive. Of course, as with all things regarding credit, the late fees, renewal rates and interest are, in this case quite literally, a killer.

The first half of this volume ends the Butterfly arc, in which /massive spoiler/ serves to /spoiler/ /spoiler/.

Sorry, I’m just being silly. Chika’s best friend ever turns out to totally not be what Chika thinks and, as a result, Chika falls into a depression.

The Ferryman, in a uncharacteristic moment of noticing that his employees have feelings, decides to take them on a short getaway to build team spirit. (Oh, yes, pun intended.) As usual with this kind of chaos-comedy, it only partially works.

At the hot springs, Yomi comes on to Michiru pretty blatantly, but sadly Michiru doesn’t bite. Yomi’s reaction makes it obvious that, despite her apparent pervishness, she actually *likes* Michiru and is quite hurt by the rejection. (As we suspected, naturally.) We’ve never seen Yomi sexually harrass anyone else since Michiru arrived, I don’t think. So, it’s a confirmed siting – Yomi is a member of Team Lily. But that hardly helps her, since Michiru isn’t.

Shito is a freak, (why should today be any different?) and Michiru still can’t figure him out (ditto) but the end of the volume implies that the next character to be emotionally brutalized will be him. Yay.

I find myself staring in confusion at most of the funny omake comics. I’m not a “fan” of the series – there’s an engagement necessary to have the detail one needs to find these funny. I lack this engagement, so…. hah? Likewise the Dears/Rozen Maiden/Zombie Loan crossovers in the back. I know they are all Peach Pit stories, I’ve followed two of the three…I’m just not getting the jokes.

Other than this teeny little piece of “meh” I liked this volume best so far. The characters are starting to become – dare I say it? – human to me.


Art – 6
Story – 7
Characters – 7
Yuri – 6
Service – 3

Overall – 7

It is my pleasure to once again thank Okazu Superhero Dan P for his sponsorship of today’s review! You are truly a superhero to Okazu readers everywhere.

Also – let this story be a warning to those of you who never lived through the vast overplaying of Chris DeBurgh’s “Don’t Pay the Ferryman.” Take the message to heart, my young friends.

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  1. Filo says:

    Since this volume and as of volume 6, Yomi is Koyomi, and Michiru expresses some concern for the missing Yomi personality. When she sees Koyomi flirting with a guy, Michiru acts jealous and then wonders why she feels that way. Of course maybe it’ll lead to nothing (she shows attraction to a couple of the guy characters), but I think that’s something.

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