Yuri Network News – August 1, 2009

August 1st, 2009

As Yuricon is about to turn 9 years old, and Okazu 7, I’ve been thinking about what we’ve accomplished so far and what there is still yet to do.

In many ways we have no influence over what happens in Japan, of course. Other than perhaps buying so much Yuri that we actually become a blip on their market radar. In subtle ways, however, we are making some changes. How Yuri is (or is not) marketed, how well it does here and how likely a company is to pick it up – these things are still up to us.

Most importantly, we’ve changed how the anime world perceives us, Yuri fans. We’ve been covered by The Advocate, Afterellen, Curve, The Blade, The Examiner and countless blogs and online magazines. We’ve run events in two countries and presented on three continents.

All of this is because of you – my readers, my Heroes and Superheroes, my friends and the YNN Correspondents and reviewers from all over the world who have made these past nine years been the most amazing of my life. August 5th is Yuricon’s and Okazu’s birthday. Happy Birthday to us. Happy birthday to you. Let’s head into Year 10 knowing that we’re going to do some incredible things in the days ahead!

Before I forget – I’ll be keeping the YNN logo contest open until August 20th. So send in your logo ideas for our Yuri Network News!


Yuri Anime

Katherine has been sending weekly updates from the website about the Sasamekikoto anime to the Yuricon Mailing List. Seiyuu have been announced, and the date for the premiere of the anime is now listed as October 7th, at 26:20. She also was excited to report that the theme song will be performed by Kiyoura Natsumi, who performed the opening themes for Spice and Wolf and Sketchbook ~full color’S~.

The new anime Canaan will be getting a series of three “movies” this fall, which will simply be a rehash of the anime season, sans credits, I’m thinking. Read the ANN article and decided for yourself. ^_^

New Queen’s Blade Second Season Trailer is up for your viewing “pleasure.”


Yuri Manga

Not only is the second volume of Hanjuku Joshi, Morishima Akiko’s cell-phone manga series coming out this month, so is a collection of her Yuri Hime stories, called Ruri-iro Yume. Of course we should buy both, since Morishima-san is a really awesome person.

And at last, we have links to Kimochi no Katachi, the new name for the two-volume collected set of the Tact doujinshi by circle Sakuraike. These were some of my very first ever original Yuri doujinshi and, despite the fact that some of it may seem a bit dated now, I think the series will hold up well as a collection.

Speaking of the Yuricon Store, I’m trying to add books as they come out now, since Japan is popping them out faster than I can mention here.

And finally! Ame-iro Kouchakan Kandan shipped and it is quite wonderful.


Other News

A new Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha game for the PSP has been announced, as has the fact that it will be set in the As time frame, so the lolicon won’t whine.

New York Anime Festival is coming up and I’ll be there, wandering around talking to folks and generally avoiding the programming (as I do) wearing a “Women Make Comics” t-shirt. A number of the anime/manga bloggers from the Twitter scene will also be wearing these. Join us~ Join us~! Support women in comics, with money to good causes and with a statement that is incontrovertibly true – Women Make Comics!

I also want to thank everyone who subscribed to Crunchyroll for Aoi Hana – the numbers are good, and that and that alone, will convince them to get more Yuri. So spread the word and spread the Yuri love!


We’ll wrap this up for the week – as always, to become a YNN correspondent, you need only send us news items at yuriconat gmail dot com. It’s that easy! Thanks to everyone who does send us news – you’re our priceless Yuri Network. ^_^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You spelled heroes wrong, but Superheroes right. Good one.

  2. @Anonymous. Thanks for the catch, although I don’t know why you felt you had to be so snarky about it. My typing’s always been crappy and one can never really edit themselves.

  3. RanAnxiang says:

    By The Blade, are you referring to The Toledo Blade?

  4. @RanAnxiang – No, one of the California Blades, I can’t remember which one off the top of my head. The Blade appears to be a franchise, with LGBT weeklies in any number of cities.

  5. RanAnxiang says:

    Hah hah, darn!

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