New York Anime Festival Contest – Where’s Erica?

September 22nd, 2009

So, I’ll be at New York Anime Festival this weekend. Not for any reason, just to hang with my friends and colleagues in the anime and manga industry…and to meet you.

Me being me, I like finding a way to meet new people and encourage you to say hello if you’re going to be there too, so….

On Saturday, September 26, from about noon until I leave, if you see me in this snazzy black “I Love Yuri” T-shirt  (this an other styles and colors and goods, available on the Yuricon Shop!), come up, say hi to me, tell me you read Okazu or are a Yuricon Mailing List member, like Yuri, whatever opening gambit you’d like to use and I’ll give you a free Yuri-themed postcard with art by Rica Takashima!

There’s no trick. No conditions either, although I’d like it better if you practiced your best social skills and said, “Hello, my name is…” instead of screaming “YURI!!!!” across the room. :-) I’ll be wandering the Vendor’s Room and maybe hitting up a few panels, so keep your eye out for me. I look just like my picture up there in the right hand corner, with more gray hair these days. lol Think of it like a “Where’s Waldo” sort of thing, only it’s “Where’s Erica?” and you get a postcard as a prize for finding me! :-)

In any case, I’ll see you this weekend at NYAF!

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