Event: New York Anime Festival (and why I will be AWOL for two days)

September 25th, 2009

I’m spending the next two days in NYC with friends and colleagues at New York Anime Festival. I’m not live-blogging or Twittering, because 14 million other people will be doing that and I want to enjoy the event. 

So, I am delaying the Yuri Network News Report until Sunday, when I am not walking around Javits center. (Yes, I could be writing it *right now* and scheduling it to post tomorrow, but I don’t *feel* like it. I have a total of 3 more hours to relax today and I want another cup of coffee and some free time.) I may type up a summary of today for tomorrow morning, I may not. No promises.
Feel free to read one of the other 1455 posts here to amuse yourself while I am out of the office. :-)
And, if you’re going to be at NYAF tomorrow, here’s a repost of the “Where’s Erica?” contest:
On Saturday, September 26, from about noon until I leave, if you see me in this snazzy black “I Love Yuri” T-shirt  (this an other styles and colors and goods, available on the Yuricon Shop!), come up, say hi to me, tell me you read Okazu or are a Yuricon Mailing List member, like Yuri, whatever opening gambit you’d like to use and I’ll give you a free Yuri-themed postcard with art by Rica Takashima!
There’s no trick. No conditions either, although I’d like it better if you practiced your best social skills and said, “Hello, my name is…” instead of screaming “YURI!!!!” across the room. :-) I’ll be wandering the Vendor’s Room and maybe hitting up a few panels, so keep your eye out for me. I look just like my picture up there in the right hand corner, with more gray hair these days. lol Think of it like a “Where’s Waldo” sort of thing, only it’s “Where’s Erica?” and you get a postcard as a prize for finding me! :-)
See you at Javits!
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3 Responses

  1. bec says:

    wish i was going, would definitely love to be screaming out YURRIIIIII!!!! across the crowds. Tanoshinde kudesai :))

  2. @bec – Yeah, see, that’s exactly the kind of thing that isn’t going to get you an invitation to lunch. -_-;

    What would have been nice is if you were coming and came up and said “Hi.”

  3. bec says:

    haha, i was joking.. I think that would just get me strange looks from everyone. Lunch date plz. I have been keeping busy reading your old reviews on best student council – actually quite hilarious serious. Totally saw the kuon /nanaho vibe there too.

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