Yuri Drama CD: Blue Drop, Enemies Side

November 2nd, 2009

What you’ve all been waiting for! (Admit it, you were…) A Blue Drop Drama CD that deals with everyone’s favorite half-alien lesbian, Yui and her on-again, off-again, wish-I-could-love-you-but-have-to-kill-you relationship with Misato-sensei right out of the first volume of the Blue Drop manga.

Having recently slogged through a number of near-identical stories by Yoshitomi Akihito, it was instantly apparent that the stories in this Drama CD are probably his strongest ever. Yui is a sloppy drunk, a letch and a goof, but she’s honest and gentle and cares. Misato is also a letch (because being an alien means you’re not just lesbian, you’re a carnivorous consumer of women with no self-control) who is actually quite sympathetic.

Their story centers around Shouko who has been injected by Misato’s serum and is (temporarily) an Issejin. The resistance makes themselves odious, the humans aligned with the aliens make themselves moreso and it’s left to Yui to protect Shouko from pretty much everyone.

In between the story, we learn dribs and drabs about the alien invasion, why the water is not safe for humans and other backstory stuff – and we learn about the poignant, unresolvable relationship between Misato and Yui.

If you are a fan of the first manga volume and have even the most basic Japanese skills, you will definitely want to get this DCD. If you have little Japanese, this is not the series you want to be practicing with – there is a lot of fake/technical and military terms. But, if you’re familiar with the manga and can understand a basic school-day conversation, you’ll be able to make it through those conversations with some little difficulty.

I was surprised at how…sloppy…Yui sounds. She sounds like she’s faking about 80% of what we hear, which totally works for the character. The story between her and Misato desperately needs a sequel. Something after all that rebellion stuff is resolved.

And it nicely whetted my appetite for the upcoming Blue Drop TV series release. ^_^


Art – 7
Story – 7
Characters – 7
Yuri – 6
Service – 6

Overall – 7

There’s an extra comic that’s a continuation of the extra from the previous DCD about a girl whose Isseijin sempai has introduced her to traditional Japanese bondage, starting something she can’t control. Hah.

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