Gunsmith Cats Burst, Volume 4 (English)

November 14th, 2009

GSCB4What were you doing in 1996?

I was working in an ad agency, studying Martial Arts, and was just about a year away from diving head first over a cliff into the chasm of anime and manga that would ultimately take over my life.

Rally Vincent was already neck-deep in crazy cases as a bounty hunter with her partner May and their researcher Becky. And, in 1996 or so, she met the Evil, Psycho Lesbian mafia donna, Goldie Musso.

13 years later, in Gunsmith Cats Burst Volume 4, Rally is not older, although she is much wiser. And she is doing the same thing she was then – bounty hunting.

In the course of a case, even though she is certain that Goldie is dead, Rally sees her. And in a sense, Goldie’s henchman later assures her, Goldie is dead. She has no memory. Dennis begs Rally to help Goldie regain her memory and, after much shooting and many deaths, she does just that. In a close one-on-one fight, Rally breaks through the barriers Goldie’s own mind had erected, to awaken her memories.

In the chaos, Rally loses contact with Misty. Although Becky is really concerned about that, for some reason, Rally is less so, sure of the thief’s ability to land on her own two feet.

This will all set up the final, fabulous end to Gunsmith Cats Burst.

It was not quite two years ago that I first got my hands on this volume in Japanese. I’m even more thrilled to read it in English, if only because I long for excruciating details of guns and cars. (No, not really. It’s just easier than reading kanji, duh.)

And once again I’m thrilled to the point of squealing that you get to watch heads blown off all so Rally can be the most important person in Goldie’s life – again. Poor Misty. Hell, poor Dennis.

In any case, this penultimate volume is *exactly* what one looks for from Gunsmith Cats. And the end, when it comes, will be just right this time around. See you once more, in Volume 5. ^_^


Art – 8
Characters – 8
Story – 8
Yuri – 3
Service – 5

Overall – 8

These good times brought to you by Okazu Superhero Bruce McF! Thanks for sponsoring today’s review and letting us relive the madness all over again.

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