Yuri Network News – November 14, 2009

November 14th, 2009

With the remnants of Ida beating at my house, it’s a curl up and read a book kinda day….

Yuri Manga

Let’s see…we already mentioned Comic Lily (which mostly has artists that specialize in infantile Yuri, so my expectations are low to non-existent) and Yuri Shoujo. Have I mentioned yet *another* Yuri anthology, called Shoujo Yuri? Not sure. Well, now I have. As I mention in the comments, I saw a cover, but forgot to save the reference and now can’t find it. Oh well. More info when I find it again.

Also not sure if I pointed out that Tsubomi 4 is out. I’ve been a little disappointed with Tsubomi so far. It’s been pretty lackluster, but Yuri Hime took a while to really get going and it’s only now shifting into territory I really like, so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt for a few more volumes. It’s just kind of…okay. I finish each volume *really* tired of school girls kind of liking each other a bit.

On a positive note, a series that has a character who actually says out loud that she’s a lesbian, and that I *never* expected to see a second volume of, Poor Poor Lips, Volume 2 is a-comin’. I thoroughly enjoyed Volume 1. While I don’t expect “progress” to be made in the relationship and the one-joke character of the lead was a tad wearing, overall, it had more depth and was a better series than most 4-koma comics.


Snatches of Yuri

Juji wrote in to let you all know that in addition to the Light Novel Dorobo no Meijin, there are a number of other novels by the same author, all with high likelihood of Yuri.

Dorobo no Meijin ~ Side Story: Itaikena Goshujin

Kimi ga Boku wo ~ Doushite Sora ha Aoi nano? and a second volume slated for a release this coming week.

Another novel with likelihood of something that passes for Yuri is Murasaki-iro Qualia, a story about a humanoid robot with pretty purple eyes and a charmingly doofusy personality that makes her the mascot and object of skinship in her middle school class.

Rousoku-hime has been *all* over the Yuri lists these days. I guess the inside must be better than the cover…. In any case, it’s about the beautiful daughter of a nobleman, Squa, who is sent to a nunnery with her handmaid, “swarthy” Fleure.

Action Comics, which has brought us both Hakamada Mera’s and Morinaga Milk’s work, also offers up Pheromone No.5, which looks like it hits a number of popular tropes – private girls school (check), transfer student (check), glasses (check), pervy female Student Council President (check), “funny” sexual harassment (check.) The Amazon reviews were 5 stars and 1 stars. :-)

And Kate Dacey of Mangacritic informed me that translated manga Dragon Sister has a “predatory lesbian.” It’s on my to-read pile now, thanks to Okazu Hero Martin S. I’ll let you know if she is sufficiently predatory for our tastes. ^_^

And, that’s a wrap for this week.

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  1. Erin says:

    The book you linked as Shoujo Yuri appears to be the Yuri Shoujo we’ve been talking about. Sakuraike have it linked from their website.

  2. @Erin – I liked to the wrong book, for sure. Thanks for the catch. There is another book out there, however. I saw it briefly, but forgot to save the reference, like a doofus.

  3. Erin says:

    @Erica: Okay! I’ll let you know if I come across any info on it.

  4. @Erin – Much appreciated. :-)

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