Yuri Manga: Yuri Hime, Volume 18 (Part 1)

November 15th, 2009

Volume 18 of Comic Yuri Hime once again has cover art from Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi’s “Love DNA Double X,” series and wow, have they laid the lilies on thick. Literally. The lily flowers practically crowd Sakura and Aoi off the page. In case you love the picture a lot, the extra for this volume is a postcard of the cover image.

The first story begins with a girl recounting her many, all female, loves.

We then break for some advertising and a chat with the Sasamekikoto voice actresses, in which they say the typical things about a Girl’s Love story.

Back to Shiroishi explaining to her friend that, yet again, she has fallen for a female classmate – this time the stylish, popular and apparently cold-hearted Midori. Tsubaki is incensed – she confronts Midori only to have the obvious pointed out to her – Tsubaki likes Shiroishi. I’m thinking of calling this plot complication “Crisis in Infinite Schools.” What do you think?

Mistue Aoki’s “Bankara Otome Gakuen” details the relationship between Yanki girl Shio and her ditzy friend Makiko. Smart, rich Yuka wants Makiko in the worst way – and is willing to kidnap and tie her up to get her. But Shiho saves the day and Makiko gets the girl. I so so so wish this would continue. It’s a perfect setup for Shiho to be cool and keep re-winning Makiko over and over. But it was so goofy and condensed, I’m thinking one-shot.

“Love DNA Double XX” does three things. It establishes Aoi and Sakura as friends, introduces Sakura’s posse, and gives us a glimpse of the backstory that sets Sakura up as Aoi’s enemy and reason she’s here at the school – to gain revenge.

Takase-sempai is the object of Mashiro’s interest and desire, but is having a hard time wrapping her brain around it in “Sayonara Folklore.”

“Delicious Time” was a great “Story A.” A girl stops by the bakery every day to get a single mini-croissant. The baker’s daughter, finds “mini-cro” fascinating. It’s obvious that the girl attends the same school she recently graduated from so, when an opportunity to attend the school festival presents itself, she takes it. Of course they meet up and share their darkest secrets – as the daughter of a baker, the protagonist prefers rice and, Sakura, who is the daughter of a rice dealer, prefers that morning mini-croissant…and, the woman who sells it to her. As a way of expressing her own feelings, the baker creates a rice-bread to celebrate their meeting. Brava! Encore!

The essay and “Para Yuri Hime” remains unread. I have had several weeks of hard labor and simply haven’t had time.

The next story is kind of odd and interesting. “Roku Tatami-han Shukai Osore” follows the relationship between a very outgoing, extroverted high school girl and the older shut-in she’s seeing. Ito-chan, the shut in, finds herself inevitably pulled outside by Hatoko.

Arare and Kiri have a fight in “Tokimeki Mononoke Gakuen” and as Arare runs after the creature she loves, she finds herself – and Pero – unexpectedly back in our world.

In “Chinchin Puipui” bar Mama Michiko appears to magically transform into a cute, young woman and whisk miserable Kana away on a series of dates. Only, it wasn’t that kind of magic at all.

Morishima Akiko continues her new series about adults with “Renai Joshika.” It initially appears to be one of “those” series, where everyone in the series is going to be paired up. But, the first story belies that. Hirano falls for Shirohane, but finds out that she’s already got a lover. Hirano realizes that her choices are not limited to one gender and that Shirohane is really a good person that she would, potentially, like to be with. She decides that her love battle has just begun.

This is a good place to stop for the day, I think.

I’ll do my best to finish this up tomorrow!

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  1. ryoko_prime says:

    Does the reference to “Crisis on Infinite Earths” mean you’re an American comics fan?

  2. @ryoko_prime I was, many ages ago. But never DC and never gigantic cross-overs that were dumb.

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