The Great Manga Gift Guide Project

November 25th, 2009

Last week, the New York Times posted their Graphic Novel Gift Guide and to no one’s surprise there wasn’t a single manga on the list. (Seriously, NYT, it’s totally cool that your GN guy doesn’t read manga – no one is saying that it’s not. Can you just PLEASE also hire someone who cares about manga to be the one to write about it? Thanks, we really appreciate it.)

In response, David Welsh of Precocious Curmudgeon came up with the idea of the Great Manga Gift Guide. Reviewers and readers will be posting their suggestions for great manga gifts on Thursday. (That’s Thanksgiving in America, for anyone who doesn’t get the timing. This day is traditionally followed by a day of crazy sales frenzy on consumer goods.) This will give us manga readers some things to be thankful for. :) David is even willing to devote space on his site to folks who would like to participate who don’t have blogs of their own.

Because one of the most amazing things about the Anime/Manga scene on Twitter is that is has allowed many of the bloggers to communicate easily, I and a number of other bloggers jumped on the Great Manga Gift Guide bandwagon. Here is a not-comprehensive list of some of the folks that are participating. Tomorrow and through the next week, drop by their blogs and see what they have to suggest! Also search Twitter for the hashtag #gmgg for others bloggers I’ve missed. I’ll add people as they let me know that they are going to be part of the guide.

David Welsh – Precocious Curmudgeon
Deb Aoki –
Melinda Beasi – Manga Bookshelf
Lori Henderson – Manga Xanadu
Lissa Patillo – Kuriosity
Alexander Hoffman – Eye of the Vortex Onlin
D. Orihuela-Gruber – All About Comics
Sean Gaffney’s Live Journal
Ed Sizemore – Comics Worth Reading
Jason S. Yadao – Otaku Ohana
Mizzelle – Golden Age Girl
Ysabet McFarlane – Cat Named Segue
Brigid Alverson – Mangablog
Emily’s Random Shoujo Page
Linda-animemiz’s scribbling
Scott Green – Ain’t It Cool News Anime
Robin Brenner – No Flying, No Tights
Katherine H – Yuri no Boke
Julie – Manga Maniac Cafe
Satoshi Miwa
Kate Dacey – Manga Critic
Lexi – Poisoned Rationality
Angela – FlowerStorm

Of course, I will be doing a Yuri list, because we should all run out and buy Yuri for at least one friend for the holidays. ;-)

If you’d like to join the Project, just add your link to the Comments and we’ll look forward to reading your guide!

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9 Responses

  1. Katherine says:

    This sounds like a fun project! ^^ (Perfect for my love of shopping + manga.) Could I add my blog?

  2. lynjensen says:

    I won’t be able to access my blog before next week, but I’d like to participate in some way. My first suggestion: Dramacon.
    Maybe you could provide a consolidated list after the holidays for us? Thanks!

  3. @lynjensen – Ah, no, there’s no way I have time to collect several dozen other people’s blogs. Feel free to just blog hop and enjoy discovering new people to read!

  4. SatoshiMiwa says:

    I’ve cobbled together a list at

  5. @SatoshiMiwa – Hey, thanks Miwa!

  6. Lexie says:

    Oh! I wanna add my blog too!

    Poisoned Rationality

    What a great idea!

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