Zombie-Loan Manga, Volume 7 (English)

December 3rd, 2009

Gosh, if *only* Michiru found *just* the right time to say just the right things, maybe that tragedy with Yomi wouldn’t have happened.

Oh, wait, nothing has happened yet, but you just know something is going to in some future volume.

Because in Volume 7 of Zombie-Loan, while Michiru really, positively has something very important she wants to talk to Yomi about, there just never seems to be exactly the right time without any kind of interruption or just the right atmosphere with no zombies, rivals or Shinigami. No, poor Michiru, she really, positively has something very important to say to Yomi, but just can’t manage to find the right time or place to say it.

In the meantime, the two teams of zombie-hunters fight each other, zombies and the people who are manipulating them, all pretty ineffectively, while the manipulators spout off random, over-blown and ultimately meaningless dialogue about life and death…mostly death.

So, basically, more of the same, with a sprinkling of tension waiting for Michiru to say something like, “I like you Yomi, not that way, but in a way that will endlessly torture you, because my affection for you and interest in you is a lot, but not quite the same kind of interest and affection you have for me. I won’t let you go – obviously, or I wouldn’t be having this conversation with you – but I won’t give myself to you, either. Here’s my friendship – more than you can be comfortable with, but less than will make you happy. Take it. There’s no option to leave it. We’re friends again, right?”


It’s not the series’ fault that Michiru sort of pissed me off with her waffling. Waffling is, of course, a standard manga plot complication. I just really feel bad for Yomi. It sucks to fall in love with a female friend who wants to have sleepovers and snuggle, but isn’t “interested in you that way.”

I keep having the same thought as I read Zombie-Loan. If you like people running around killing one another, tragic backstories and the near-dead, I recommend Dogs, Bullets and Carnage over this.

If you prefer bishies, submissive glasses-girls, Yuri-ish-ness and zombies, then Zombie-Loan is just fine.


Art – 6
Story – 5 Not a big fan of “running around pointlessly” plots
Characters – 6
Yuri – 2
Service – 3

Overall – 6

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not a bad manga (but not that good either…)
    Hey have you wriiten any GURENKI manga review?
    I can’t locate this one on your post.

    Thanks as always Erica!

  2. @Anonymous – I’ve reviewed Creo the Crimson Crises as part of the Yuri Hime magazine in which it runs, but I won’t be reviewing the actual volumes of the manga because I do not think it is good at all.

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