Transistor Tea Set Manga, Volume 2

December 21st, 2009

You may remember from Volume 1, that Suzu is a high school student with a huge mecha obsession and mad skillz in electronics, who lives and runs a small shop in Akihabara Electric Town. Or not but, in any case, that’s what Transistor Tea Set (トランジスタティーセット ~電気街路図~ ) is about.

In Volume 1, Suzu is joined by Sairi, a younger girl who has a crush on Suzu and her old childhood friend Midori, who has a crush on Suzu. Which may still be true for Volume 2, but is mostly lost in the crush of “Akihabara- and otaku-fantasy things we need to shove into this volume.”

So Volume 2 begins with Suzu teaching a class of typically bratty kids about the joys of electronics. The kids misbehave until boss Sairi shows up and puts them in their place, but the emotional damage has been done.

Most of the volume is spent introducing and abusing two new characters, Kiriko and Emita, members of the Girl’s Electronics Club at Suzu’s school. First, they arrive to recruit Suzu, but eventually find themselves working for Midori as maids in the cafe. Kiriko is well suited to play a tsundere Goth Loli and Emita on account of her short hair and height, makes a nice onabe (FtM crossdresser) in the style of a host bar or Takarazuka.

Nothing much happens in Volume 2, just lots of character interaction. Both Midori’s and Sairi’s crushes on Suzu take a back seat to cosplay, maids and Midori’s anime creation (something that would sell well if it was actually animated.)

We don’t get to see the headless robot maid again, which made me sad. I’ll hold out hope for her return in Volume 3. :-)


Art – 6
Characters – 7
Story – 6
Yuri – 2
Service – 6

Overall – 6

This volume marks the first of many that I will be reviewing courtesy of Okazu Hero George R, and his kind attentions to my Japanese Yuri Wish List. Thank you so much George for your sponsorship – you’re a real Okazu Hero!

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