Yuri Drama CD: Maria-sama ga Miteru Premium CD Volume 1

January 19th, 2010

Maria-sama ga Miteru Premium CD Volume 1, which should not be confused with the Maria-sama ga Miteru Special CD, Volume 1, because they are two different things with the practically the same name, was wonderful. Absolutely squee-worthy.

The dramas alone were a full hour or so and cover the most pertinent bits of Souer Audition, i.e., Tsutako and Shouko reunited for the first time since they first met (squee!), and “Joanna,” the short in which we see Yumi manipulating Touko by being honest, sincere, enthusiastic and loving. (squee!) Poor Touko…there was no hope for her after that. lol You’d have to be a very evil person to not love Yumi at that point and Touko was never evil.

The discussion portion had Ueda Kana and Nabatome Hitomi discussing – among other things – cream-filled doughnuts and Russian fairy tales. I love the idea that they are on the clock eating shu-cream filled doughnuts. If I didn’t know that the rest of their job was beastly, I might envy them.

We now have all of the Tsutako x Shouko story on various CDs. If they are smart – and they are, I have no doubt – they will package them all together as a Drama CD with figurines of Tsutako Shouko and we’ll all cough up *another* pile of cash to get it. ^_^

Now all I need to make me happy is Kira Kira Mawaru and Margaret ni Ribon on CD and I will be the happiest of fangirls. ^_^


Overall – 9.5, because this is just about the best Tsutako x Shouko scene until Kira Kira Mawaru


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  1. Senbei says:

    Egads! I must have this if only to commemorate work on this book… Yeah right, who am I kidding? Tsutako x Shouko love!

  2. @Senbei – I’m right there with you on that. Tsutako x Shouko FTW!

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