Commit an Act of Love this Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2010

Today is many things is the Chinese New Year. It is also Valentine’s Day. And today I’m going to ask you to do something that has nothing to do with Yuri, but everything to do with love for your fellow human.

Spencer Brodsky is a teenager in the US who cares about people. He created StovesforRwanda, an organization that provides low-fuel, low-cost stoves to people in Rwanda, helping children to have time to go to school, mothers to feed families and a way to save the environment.

Today, for Valentine’s Day, Spencer is hoping you will donate to TentsinHaiti to provide shelter for people whose lives have been devastated in the Haiti Earthquake.

If you have a social media profile on some system, please share Spencer’s sites, and if you can spare a few bucks, please consider committing an act of love this Valentine’s Day and buy a tent for Haiti. If you’re on Twitter, please use the hashtag #TentsinHaiti.

I understand that some of you might not want to do this, and this is not a command, but for those of you who typically spend money on candy or flowers for today, please consider committing an act of love for your fellow humans by supporting Spencer and his cause.

Thank you for taking the time to read Okazu and here’s wishing you all a great New Year and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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