Gakkou no Sensei Manga, Volume 1

February 18th, 2010

We all have had some good teachers, and some bad, some teachers that made all the difference and teachers that probably should have chosen a different career. In Gakkou no Sensei, we meet three teachers who are all of the above at once.

Sakura, Akane and Yuriko are three freshly minted teachers, who are all terribly excited to be able to help the students under their care and guidance and they absolutely cannot wait to shape young lives and minds. Assuming that they can all get to school on time.

Sakura, our protagonist, has nothing but good intentions. unfortunately she does not have the best of roommates. Akane is addicted to playing games, and Yuriko suffers from extreme sloth and is impossible to wake up. The adventures of these three are meant to be a kind of screwball comedy, but are basically similar to 4-koma or TV sitcoms, in depth and humor. Which is to say, there’s only so many times half a chapter can be given over to Yuriko’s quasi-sexual harassment of Sakura, or Akane’s obsession with gaming, before any of the marginal humor value fades into shadow. The further plot complication of a tsundere child who insinuates herself into their lives was really not all that amusing.

This sort of story works much better as a serial than as a collection. Once a month, logging into GanGan’s Online comics and reading a chapter might be entertaining. All together, it kind of fails to be more than a cute idea.


Art – moeblob
Story – thin, but palatable
Characters – 2-dimensional in every way
Yuri – Fake
Service – lots of “humorous” undressing-type harassment

Overall – 6

I found this manga a little disappointing. It almost immediately dissipated into stock caricatures and situations, with vague humor. Gakkou no Sensei is an excellent lesson on why having a story idea isn’t enough, you have to actually have a story to tell – all the way through – or you’re going to lose your audience.

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