Your & My Secret Manga, Volume 5 (English)

February 22nd, 2010

Is it more or less annoying when the object of affection is completely unaware of the feelings of the people around them in a harem manga?

After reading Your & My Secret, Volume 5, I’m still not sure. In theory, the protagonist of the story is Akira, now stuck in Nanako’s body for months. In practice, the story appears to revolve around Nanako’s friend Shiina and, tangentially we are reminded that Akira’s in love with Nanako who is perfectly happy in Akira’s body.

It’s a good thing we are reminded that Akira’s interested in Nanako, because if we just read the story as it’s written, we’d be forgiven for thinking that Akira’s interest is Shiina. Because, it is.

So, Nanako in Akira’s body wants to do stuff with Shiina, but hasn’t because…I’m not really sure. And Akira in Nanako’s body can’t even share a bath with Shiina without getting nosebleeds.

Shiina is blissfully, irritatingly, tediously unaware of all of this.

Only Senbongi has a clue and I find myself sympathizing with him the most. He’s decided that he likes Akira and conveniently his friend is in a cute female body, so now he doesn’t have to worry about being stigmatized for same-sex attraction, but Akira’s not interested. As Senbongi is the only character that cares the slightest bit about him, I think Akira needs to lighten up.

Actually “lighten up” is exactly the phrase that comes to mind on every third page of the series. Nanako needs to lighten up as a guy, Akira needs to lighten up overall and seriously, the mangaka needs to lighten up on the repressed sexuality. Because I have a headache from gritting my jaw while reading this manga.

For good or ill, this appears to be the last volume of this series that has been translated, although the series is ongoing in Japan. I guess I’ll never know if anything changes. I’m okay with that.

So, Yuri – Nanako in Akira’s body and Akira in Nanako’s body both want Shiina. That’s about as much Yuri as there can be in this series. I feel bad for Senbongi.


Art – 8
Characters – 5
Story – 5
Yuri – Two one-halves equal a little more than 1 in this case.
Loser FanGirl/FanBoy – 6

Overall – 6

Many, many thanks to Okazu Superhero Daniel P for sponsoring today’s review and providing me with this last ditch attempt to care about anyone in this series.

The original series title is Boku to Kanoujo no XXX. I understand why it has been translated as it has, and I don’t disagree with the choice. But the original title fits better. There’s just no way it would have worked in English.

Oh and guys – putting on a bra is actually *not* as complicated as manga makes it sound. Don’t get your life or lingerie lessons from manga. Really, don’t.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I find this series very frustrating, it could have been a funny premise. But the original Momoi is such a complete jerk, as a male or a female, that the “jokes” come off as cruel instead of funny.

    And I really wish the perverted creepy old man cliche would get a rest in all manga and anime.

  2. I can tell you why the title was changed: The “XXX” in the original would have made putting this manga on bookstore shelves very hard.

  3. @allaboutcomics – Yes, that was why I said, ” I understand why it has been translated as it has, and I don’t disagree with the choice.”

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