Yuri Manga: Comic Yuri Hime, Volume 19 (Part 2)

March 3rd, 2010

The second half of Comic Yuri Hime, Volume 19 starts off with Hakamada Mera’s “Sore ga kimi ni naru” in which You is fascinated by this older woman who looks at her with the memory of a love she had in the past. This time You accompanies Amane to the library where she works, to see what this mysterious woman’s life is like. When You gets caught in a late rainstorm, Amane is confronted with having the girl stay over her place.

“Himekoi” is full of screaming…again. And I’m skipping “Soulfege” because, bleah.

In “DNA Double XX” Aoi proves that she haz mad fightin’ skills, but the Eves have better Yuri-service.

Amano Shuninta’s “Cell Frame no Mukou Kawa” proves that once again, there is a group mind behind anthologies, as yet another cosmetics salesperson find herself part of a plot. This time she has fallen for the local pharmacist, who is unreasonably cute with makeup. For the record – I prefer girls in glasses. Justsaying.

“Mizu-iro Cinema” has an awkward reunion between Yui and her former lover Mizuki, while Tae is a little slow on the uptake. After Yui throws Mizuki out, she worries that Tae will find the fact that she is a lover of women repulsive (as opposed to, “I don’t love women – just you”, the old-school method of avoiding having any lesbianism in Yuri.) Tae is way too sweet (read; doofusy) to let that happen.

In “Cleo the Crimson Crises” the story doesn’t end. WHY? Why gods, do you hate us? Oh, ahem. So, Cleo and Suoh go to wherever Cleo is from and people are assholes to Suoh, so she can be a snot-faced wet rag some more. Gawd.

“Sayonara Folklore” continues – sort of surprisingly, because there’s not a lot of plot there, but… Sumika is still in love with Takase-sempai, who likes her back and everything is okay until another student starts to scream at them, and tells the teacher about them. And Takase finds that she too is not the first one her lover has loved. What does not need forgiveness is forgiven and at the end they still like one another.

And, finally, in “Tokimeki Mononoke Gakuen” Arare and Pero, now in the world of humans, go to Arare’s house, Pero meets her mom, is terrified of her, and licks the bowl clean – literally. Meanwhile, Kiri mopes, remembering how Arare disappeared through a vortex…and suddently realizes Pero’s with her! The end of this story becomes ever more obvious, but you, know, I’m still okay with it. ;-)

And there you have it. Better than average, with more very good and good than not.


Overall – 8

A fine specimen of a Yuri Hime, and another issue that gives me hope that one day I’ll see what I really want in a Yuri magazine – something somewhere between “Story A” and porn about women who love women.

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  1. kieli says:

    Really, it’s getting to the point that I’m reading your reviews just for snark factor. Don’t think I’ve laughed quite this hard in a while :D

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