Yuri Network News – March 6, 2010

March 6th, 2010

Yuri Manga

Erin S. cheerfully announces that Comic Lily, Volume 3 is available for purchase. She’s probably cheerful about it, because she hasn’t read Volume 2 yet. :-)

Aoi Hana, Volume 5 has hit the shelves. More Fumi, more A-chan!

A manga continuation of the story from the CANAAN anime, CANAAN Sufiru, has debuted on cell-phone only in Japan. I imagine that that will cut down on scans for a little while, at least.

Next month, Takemiya Jin will have a collection, Girlish Sweet: Watashi no Kanojo – something to very much look forward to! Now all we need is a UKOZ collection and my top 3 doujinshi circles will have taken that so-huge step to legitimacy.

Gokujouu, that utterly awful book about idiots girls who are very silly, has managed a second volume. Oh, yay.

The fourth volume of Morinaga Milk’s Girl Friends is due out in April.

And the sixth volume of Sasamekikoto is coming out on March 23!

Ending on what should be a very strong (and certainly a more unique) note, Rakuen Le Paradis 2 is now available. Instead of supporting Comic Lily‘s mediocrity – throw your money at this fabulously eclectic anthology!


Snatches of Yuri

Paradise Lost is a light-novelish manga about two women who met some time ago, and suddenly come back into each other’s life.

The newest Mai-HiME manga series, EXA is pinging all the Japanese Yuri reviewers. Since my opinion and theirs are frequently light years apart, take that information with a grain of salt. :-)


That’s a wrap for this week.

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  1. furei kinoko says:

    Canaan Second season in mobile phone streaming? How about DVD,Blu-ray and television? Oh, no…

  2. @furei kinoko – It’s a *manga* continuation, not a second season of the anime.

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