Sengoku Otome Manga

March 11th, 2010

Let it never be said that manga doesn’t play fair. It’s not just Chinese epic history that gets all the heroes turned into large-breasted women. Oh, no. It’s also the great heroes of Japanese history that find themselves turned into large-breasted women with a penchant for silly/exploding/very little clothing. In this case, it’s the Sengoku, or Warring States period of Japanese history that is made silly.

My knowledge of Japanese history during the Sengoku period is weak. But even I am familiar with the name Nobunaga Oda. The period would end with the unification of Japan and the consolidation of power in the Tokugawa Shogunate in what we all know as the Edo period. My own studies have given me a semi-reasonable grasp of Heian and Edo periods, and I find my understanding of Sengoku is rather poor. Something to do next time I have an afternoon off.

But, seriously, history is not the main point of Sengoku Otome. The main point is to watch Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu be rendered inappropriately into buxom (or in the case of Tokugawa, loli-fied) women as they approach the eve of the Battle of Okehazama. And take baths. Lots of baths. There’s some fighting too. In between the baths.

I have to admit, this manga’s Nobunaga is pretty cool. Any woman who smiles while she fights just melts my heart. And I like Akechi Mitsuhide lots, despite knowing what she’s going to eventually do.

There was, as far as I can see, no real Yuri in this manga. There’s some sense that Tokugawa Ieyasu admires/crushes on Nobunaga, because she was saved by her, but…c’mon.


Art – 8 Backgrounds are surprisingly detailed and the battle scenes aren’t bad
Story – 8 Yeah, yeah, history, whatever, blah blah. ^_^No, I’m totally stoked to read up on this period of Japanese history now and make the story work better in my head.
Characters – 8 Seriously, despite everything, they are pretty cool.
Yuri – .5
Series – 6 Lots of baths

Overall – 7

I think I would have really enjoyed this manga more if I was even vaguely familiar with the history, but as soon as I read up on the history, I’m sure this manga’s gonna be a joke. ;-)

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7 Responses

  1. Mara says:

    Yes I hear that the Sengoku heroes are very in these days. A nice thing to remember is who is the ‘nice’ guy out of Oda, Toyotomi or Tokugawa depends a lot on where in Japan you are.

    It is a pity that from the sound of things we won’t be seeing much of the Takeda or the Uesugi who are all but finished by that point.

    If Ranmaru shows up then there may be some more akogare for Nobunaga yet.

    Is there any indication of an appearance by Masamune Date? A female version of him would be interesting.

  2. @ Mara For what it’s worth, both Uesugi and Takeda do appear. I like Uesugi. yes, Date, too. I can’t remember if Ranmaru appeared and am too lazy to get up and look. :-)

  3. Mara says:

    “…Date, too.”

    Yay, thank you for confirming, now I shall have to buy it.

  4. furei kinoko says:

    otome… it mean maiden? Hmmm… i think it is adult Yuri manga…

  5. @furei kinoko – Yes, Otome mean maiden, and it is clealry a manga for adult males, but no it is not an “adult” manga. There is no sex of any kind, not even implied.

  6. Mandy says:

    What a coincidence, my dad has just recently gotten into a hugely long, ultra serious J-drama revolving around the Sengoku period and has been going nuts over Japanese history. I wonder if I should get him this to make his brain explode! :) It really does sound fun, though. XD

  7. Anonymous says:

    Which Maruo comic is in New Comics Anthology? It’s his Michael Jackson “BAD” satire comic? That one is originally in New National Kid– it’s so stupid!!! Haha, but it’s cool to see Maruo’s first publication in English.

    I am gonna read all the issues of EPIC I found tonight. I’m looking forward to it, especially the Go Nagai stuff.


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