Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny Anime, Volume 1 (English)

March 12th, 2010

y’s review is an ode to the “obvious.”

In Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny, Volume 1, it is “obvious” to us that Kan’u has an unrequited passion for Ryuubi and it is “obvious” to me that Ryomou has focused all her passion on two important women in her life – Hafuku and the (still-so far) departed Ryofu.

Still waters run deep and it’s so “obvious” that these women keep their deep well-spring of passionate feelings buried beneath their outward hardness.

It is “obvious” to those of “us” who are “looking” for it, that is.

And by “looking” I mean we are carefully scrutinizing animated facial expressions as if they are real and making judgements based on them, analyzing ridiculously small details of body posture, tone of voice and yes, going frame by frame to see the exact moment when we see that so-subtle shift between delusion and “obvious.” ^_^

In the fine tradition of turning great war heroes into buxom women whose skirts we look up, Ikki Tousen focuses on the awakening of the malignant spirit of the original Sousou and the subsequent chaos unleashed upon the Fighters of Seito, Nanyou and Kyoushou high schools. (I actually laughed out loud when I saw that the tagline for this series is “Romance of the Three High Schools.”)

Sousou is voiced, btw, by Dan Green of Yu-Gi-Oh TV cartoon fame on the English soundtrack.

In Volume 1, we establish the relative peace of Seito Academy, and how, although Chouhi and Kan’u are ever vigilant, Ryuubi is a total slacker. Albeit with a Dragon living inside her.

Ryomou visits to see the Dragon unleashed and we learn that she also has that same power in her. And Hakufu, too. Sousou, too, presumably, although that’s the least of his problems. Through small, poignant flashbacks, we see that Sousou really does have strong leadership qualities and the ability to inspire loyalty. Unfortunately for him, the evil former warlord isn’t having any of that, choosing to rule by fear instead.

Speaking of ruling by fear, Goei rocks. ^_^

So, yes, this series continues to be a travesty, a veritable feast of the most tedious perversions, but despite that, I like it. I would have liked it much better if the camera angles weren’t so obsessively upskirt and the men’s clothes exploded at least half as often as the women’s but…everyone fights. They fight with everything they have and then some. They fight for loyalty and love and because they *can*. That is pretty much what I fuel *my* delusions about Ikki Tousen with. ^_^


Art – No, seriously, no.
Characters – I kinda like them
Story – Heeheehee
Yuri – .5 unless you watch frame by frame as Kan’u deals with her “obvious” passion for Ryuubi, then 10
Service – 10

Overall – 5, unless you crave the “obvious,” then 8. ^_^

You may have heard that Media Blasters recently laid off a number of their employees, with the hope that these folks could be hired back soon. I have a number of friends working there, and I feel a great deal of fondness for them as a company. If they have ever put out anything that you liked, please support them by buying some of their anime or manga and make it possible for them to weather this storm. Your support can actually make the difference. Thank you in advance and here’s hoping that Media Blasters has a strong, building year.

In the meantime, let me thank Okazu Superhero Amanda M for contributing to MB’s bottom line and to Okazu reader enjoyment. Thank you once more for your support, Amanda.!

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