Shinkansen to Kyoto

March 16th, 2010

The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo in Shinigawa is totally worth every penny for the bathtub alone. Not *just* that it is a Japanese soak tub – a nice big one – it’s got jacuzzi jets, too. The room we had was humongous, with a lovely view of the gardens.

When had a nice relaxing walk around the gardens this AM; a few of the 200 cherry trees were rushing to bloom for us and the plum were already in full flower.

The Shinkansen is fun, without being super exciting, because you’re just moving so darn fast. :-)

And the hot mascot of the day appears to be Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece – there are a ZILLION Chopper toys, candy, straps everywhere, with Chopper in a variety of excruciatingly cute outfits, riding other animals (and occasionally, fruit.)

Kyoto. Well, I kind of think of it as the Philadelphia of Japan. :-) We took a brief walk and are now sitting around waiting to be joined by translator extraordinaire, Mari Morimoto for a walk around the giant mall that is the train station, because why not.

Tomorrow, Fushimi. See you then!

Oh, I forgot to mention that today’s random candy choices were Orange M&Ms, which tasted like creamsicles with cheap chocolate, Haribo gummi grapefruit slices, which tasted like grapefruit and sugar, and Sakura/Grren tea Kit Kats which tasted, bizarrely, of cinnamon. They were quite good.

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  1. George R. says:

    It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time in Japan.

    Please give my regards to the kitsune at Fushimi Inari Taisha. That is just such a wonderful place. I hope it brings you as much joy and peace as it always does me.

    And thank you for keeping us posted on your trip. I’m sure other’s are enjoying it vicariously as I am.

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