Shopping Without A Vengeance

March 23rd, 2010

Because we’ve been so busy, we really hadn’t had a chance to seriously shop for anything yet. So today we decided to just stick close to home and hit up Otome Road.

Animate, K-Books, Toranoana felt our whirlwind consumption. It’s weird, because for the very first time, we really don’t have a lot we want. I’m pretty caught up on what I want and don’t have old series with holes that needed to be filled. And this month there was very little out I wanted – and hardly any light novels with Yuri recently. There’s a few things in my Amazon JP cart that I picked up, but mostly, I just browsed. (Don’t be fooled, I picked up piles of stuff. It’s just much less than usual.)

We’re repacking tonight to see what can be squeezed into our luggage and if we need another bag or not. I’m betting not.

Dinner was at a restaurant called Baquet, which I think was supposed to be Baguette, as they specialized in bread. I had chicken katsu with cheese and red sauce – i.e, chicken parmesan. It was made with panko coating, American cheese and a sweet thick red sauce. :-) Close enough.

Today’s random junk food choice is Ramune ice and Vanilla ice cream flavored ice cream – “ice cream float flavored.”

BTW, all the pictures my wife has taken and some of mine are located here, if you care to look. The wife updates it mostly every day:

Tomorrow Bruce is off on a solitary journey and the wife and I have no plans as of yet. We might actually get to a museum or something. :-)

Oh, and my overall assessment of Yuri in the stores – each store handles it differently. Some have a small section, some arrange it strictly by publisher. But in every case, new publications are just piled up with the other new pubs, so the new Comic Lily, Yuri Hime S, Tsubomi, Aoi Hana or Sasamekikoto are just wherever the new books are. There’s no ghettoing or hiding any of the Yuri. Not surprising, really.

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