Zigging and Zagging

March 24th, 2010

Despite the threat of bad weather the entire time we’ve been here, today is the first day we’ve had really crappy weather. It’s cold – a degree or two colder and the rain would be snow. Right now it’s sleet/hail.

Bruce decided that it would be a good day for a train ride and the wife and I decided that it was a good day for a museum. We headed out to Ryogoku to visit the Edo-Tokyo Museum. And in doing so, we zigged where we shoulda zagged.

You know how sometimes there’s a choice of road and you pick the wrong one and have to retrace your steps? Well, yesterday we learned that the day after we leave, the third Girl’s Love Festival will be held in Tokyo. When I booked this trip, there had been no date for it and no hint it would be this coming weekend, so I didn’t learn until yesterday it was gonna be on Sunday. Sigh. Today we walked around Akihabara station looking for food and ended up eating sandwiches at a Tully’s coffee, when it turns out that right outside the Ryogoku station was an awesome selection of delicious looking places to eat. You know the feeling…zigging when you shoulda zagged.

The museum is very nice, with an Edo period side and a Tokyo period side. There was a nice mix of life, culture (high and pop), history and geography. I’d recommend it.

We then slogged over to Nihonbashi, because we never had made it over there before. In the cold rain, it maybe was not as beautiful as we’d like, but it was still fun to be at Mile 0.

We stopped at the train station for a new extra bag as we always do and then up to the Post Office in Metropolitan tower for Leiji Matsumoto and Shonen Sunday stamps. Now we’re back in the room having a nice hot bath after being soaked by rain, watching Sumo until Bruce comes back and we go out to dinner.

Random Junk Food report: Banana Milk Crunky did actually taste like a bowl of cereal with milk and banana. (Everyone else is writing about Banana Kit Kat, so I thought I’d be different.) And soy and mayonnaise flavored potato chips taste slightly of Japanese mayo.

Tomorrow, Tokyo Anime Fair.

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3 Responses

  1. Kori Michele says:

    Ahhhh, GL Festival?? I’m arriving in Tokyo on Saturday to go to Anime Fair on Sunday. Do you have info on the GL festival? Maybe I can make it…

  2. sarcastic_weasel says:

    Crunky is the best name for a snack food ever. Who doesn’t want to get a little Crunky every now and then?

    My favorite frozen treat over there was Coolish. It’s like a chocolate soft-serve (or vanilla) in a little foil bag with a cap at the top you suck it all out through. Work it in your hands just a little bit until it softens up, and it’s perfect soft-serve ice cream. Addictive.

    Good job making the most of a miserable day. Those are always troublesome. My main problem over there was finding rain gear that didn’t suck.

  3. @Kori Michelle – The GL Fest is alson on Sunday. Here’s the website: http://www.lovefes.info/girlsindex-pc.html

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