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March 27th, 2010

This is not everything we brought back – much of this is in piles and the kitsune collection is separate, but it gets the idea across.

You may notice a prominently placed Strike Witches item. This is a limited edition windbreaker that was a gift from Ana. As you might guess if you know anything about my tastes, Strike Witches the series holds little interest for me – too many things that don’t appeal – but I love the logo. I will proudly wear the windbreaker to venues where the logo is unlikely to be recognized.

Now I must eat, then sleep.

It’s nice to be back.

Oh, last random junk food item of the trip was a Pukapuka Tai – a taiyaki shaped wafer cookie with melon flavored cream. It was tasty, as long as you like melon-flavored stuff.

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you fit all that in your suitcase? Do you pay extra luggage?

  2. There were two of us and we’re allowed 2 bags at 50 lbs each. We brought a lot of disposable clothes, so made room for stuff we bought.

  3. Dash says:

    “disposable clothes” … hmmm.

    I kinda know what you mean, but I still can’t shake the image of shirts and pants made from brown paper bags from my mind. ;)

  4. ana says:

    Wait till you get the SW flight jackets. There were a couple of cancellations, so I was able to squeeze in your order this weekend. (^-^)

    I had a great time with you all! Let’s hang out again! \(^o^)/

  5. @ana – Looking forward to it! I expect it will wow my pagan friends and I won’t tell them the truth. :-)

    We had a blast with you – thank you so much for everything!

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