Okazu Tea Party Contest

April 11th, 2010

I have two volumes of Yuri Manga sitting here that I’d like to give to a good home. Tadaima! and Hinagiku Junshin Jogakuen.

To win these volumes tell me who you would invite to a Yuri Tea Party and why. You have to include three real humans (live or dead) that have something to do with Yuri and then you have to invite three fictitious characters.

Here’s an example:

I would invite Yoshiya Nobuko, because she is the Grandmother of Yuri, Rica Takashima, because she’s one of the funniest people I know, and Ryoko Ikeda because she’s seems like she’s a hoot. For the fictitious characters I’d invite Cutey Honey because she seems like she’d be a hoot and a half, Tenoh Haruka from Sailor Moon  because she’s intense and cool and my “gateway” character and Iono-sama from Iono-sama Fanatics because she seems like she’d have some fun stories to tell.

They all represent different decades and different genres of Yuri, so that’s an added bonus.

Assume yourself and myself will be there, so don’t add me or yourself to the list. :-)

So, get out those invitation cards and let’s have the guest list! The winner will be determined by whim, as always, and will get two volumes of manga and some random crap I’ll throw into the envelope. ;-)

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12 Responses

  1. Kori Michele says:

    Ooh, a tea party. Okay! I’d Invite…

    1. Ryoko Yamagishi- in order to talk about what she thinks of “Yuri” manga having changed from the 70’s.
    2. Takako Shimura- Aoi Hana and Horou Musuko are among my favorites for their sensitive treatment of young people questioning gender. I’d want to talk about how she came to make these type of manga.
    3. Kuniko Ikuhara- While I have no evidence of what kind of person he is, I could finally ask him about that rumored Haruka x Michiru movie he might have made if he didn’t quit the Sailormoon team, and find out if Saito had a beef with him making the Utena movie so sexy.

    4.B-ko from Project A-ko. I can’t live without her constant pursuit of C-ko, and subsequently, A-ko. So right.
    5. Nadie from El Cazador. I didn’t think the plot was strong, but I think I could really get along with Nadie.
    6. Since you included Cutey Honey, I’ll go with Natsuko Aki from Re: Cutey Honey. In the Military “time-to-rescue-honey” getup. Mmmmm…

    While I like a lot of Yuri characters, as I’m doing this, I’m thinking I don’t want to invite most of them to a tea party… a lot of bad personalities…ha ha…

  2. michiru42 says:

    Tea party! Whoo!

    1)Takemoto Novala, because he’s a wonderful writer who comes up with unique teen characters. He loves Yuri and girlish traditions, while putting his own spin on them.
    2) Yoshiya Nobuko. First of all I love her writing, and second of all, she was incredible to live the way she wanted and inspire others to do the same, while still making herself mainstream in a very conservative time. I’d love to talk to her about how she did it.
    3) Maikaze Rira, my favorite Takarazuka musumeyaku. She’s a woman who embodies grace, and yet that’s not all she is: she’s played doormat women, mischievous cuties, and strong Queens who lead countries.

    1) Kaiou Michiru. I love her for the same reason I love Maikaze Rira: she’s the embodiment of all that is feminine, and funnels that into strength.
    2) Ootori Amane from “Strawberry Panic!” Just once, I want to meet a real prince. ^_^
    3) Rosalie from Ikeda Ryoko’s “Rose of Versailles”. Watching her try to understand the aristocracy and how it could produce wonderful people like Oscar and terrible ones like most of Antoinette’s inner circle was interesting, and her growth was admirable. I’d love to talk to her about what she’d seen and thought about.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’d invite-


    Sawashiro Miyuki, because other than contributing to Yuri anime with characters such as Canaan (Canaan), Claire (Red Garden) and Sara Gallagher (Mai-Otome), she’s a versatile and intelligent seiyuu who might just change the way people value female seiyuu, especially those who can use deep voices.

    Otsu Hiyori, because her dry wit and quiet, ironic humour might be just the sort of thing that would give my tea part some spice (but of course, not too much spice– it is refined after all!).

    Shimura Takako as she is just about leading Yuri into the territory where it is deep, complex and artistic. And since she always seems to write about pleasant people doing perhaps unpleasant things (which makes them realer than just being villainous), she would also make for some great conversation. Writing about bad guys is an easy thing to do, but writing about good people is a lot harder, I’d think.


    Ogasawara Sachiko from Marimite because it’d be nice to have someone criticise my manners.

    Yukino from Octave, since I desperately thinks she needs to be in the company of people who will welcome her and make her feel at ease with herself. She can also entertain what with her history in the idol biz, so live entertainment!

    Hayate from HayateXBlade, since she’d just end up crashing it anyway, she might as well get an invite.

  4. Susan says:

    I’d invite Morinaga Milk so after the tea party I could bludgeon her with a bat for Girlfriends and probably Hayashiya Shizuru so I could fangirl in a ridiculously embarrassing way.

    On the fictional side, um…Michele and Kirika from Noir I guess because I’m sure they’d have some nifty tricks on hiding Morinaga’s body. Oh and the Evil Hottie Sensei from Live Action Cutey Honey for much the same reasons and because she’s hot and I’m shameless.

  5. Mara says:

    As I am English it will be a full English afternoon tea party, as it is getting very rare to have this in England yet is still a part of my national stereotype I am proud of.

    Nakamura Ching, for her sense of humor that is powerful in a conceptual way, I know little else only that the interview on Okazu itself made her appear level headed and admirable. My recommended tea: lapsang shusong.

    Yamaji Ebine, I believe she will provide an atmosphere for excited discussion without anyone becoming antagonistic. My recommended tea: Chai with milk and sugar.

    Paku Romi, for purely selfish reasons, we both swim as a hobby I would like someone to talk to about swimming who also has an awesome voice. My recommended tea: Twinings afternoon blend with lemon or a small amount of milk.

    Kanae Tenkyouin from Saphizim no Gensou, although this is a tea party and I love tea I also love coffee. Like Kanae I also have an addict’s relationship to coffee, also I like analytical people; as they are fun to argue with. My recommended tea: Jamaican Blue Mountain, small amount of milk.

    Aida from Iono the fanatics, I admire people with the ability to predict and think ahead and I also think that Aida understands the important effects of tea as her girlfriend is always drinking it. My recommended tea: Bi Luo Chun.

    Kohaku from Aoi Shiro, as she sounds like she knows how to enjoy herself and I like her sarcastic pompous personality. I always enjoyed her scenes more than any others; and she is imposing despite being really short, that takes character. My recommended tea: Darjeeling White.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My tea guests:

    1. Takako Shimura – Aoi Hana is a beautiful manga. I’m so glad it’s been translated into French, which I can muddle through with a dictionary.

    2. Saito Chiho – Utena is another fave of mine. I would love to look at all her sketches for Utena and ask her about the craziness that is ChuChu!

    3. Naoko Takeuchi – I would love to talk to her about SM. And to give her big HUG for creating such a wonderful series and giving us the Yuri couple Haruka/Michiru.

    1. Michiru Kaiou – She could give us a lovely violin solo concert! And I’m sure she could host an amazing tea party!

    2. Tomoyo Daidouji – Her obsession with Sakura is adorable….if not downright frustrating!

    3. Seiya Kou – To ask the important question: which would you prefer to be, girl or boy?

  7. coral says:

    (warning, may be some slight references to darker subject matter, but still “clean” and work safe)

    I would love to host this tea party which would be a cross between civilized and utterly crazy/ insane conversation:

    Starting with actual people, I would have Osamu Tezuka so we could chat up on his inspiration for Princess Night and talk about changing social mores pre and post WWII. (not to mention earlier accounts of the Takarazuka Revue)

    Next would be Kiriko Nananan because I love this the way she mixes her storytelling into her drawings, very powerful and intense. I would like to talk inspiration with her too.

    Next would be the duo Kaishaku, because their stories stick with me, hauntingly. Not in the warm fuzzy way either…..I would like to know why they torture their characters so, are they passionate about the characters, do they do “it” for press? A mixture? Why a flute? Chikane-chan, what am I supposed to do? (Will Himeko strike back?) As you can see, I have many questions for them.

    As far as fictional characters go, I have to absolutely start out with Rei Asaka aka Saint-Juste. I would really like to have tea with her, with or without the pills. Hanging out with her would be a great way to spend the day. *sigh*

    Next I would like Kaname and Momomi from Strawberry Panic, they come as a package. No tea party of mine is complete without an “evil lesbian duo”….who utterly fail. They crack me up, and it would be amusing to hear really weird metaphors and be glared at all day.

    Finally, Osaka from Azumanga. I relate well to her, she has a nice, unassuming manner, and it would be a fun combination!

  8. Tea party!

    1. Yamiloo- This lady is just awesome. Her art is great, her personality is adorable, and her ideas and the way she expresses them make her one of the most interesting people I think I’d ever chat with.
    2. Paige Braddock- I enjoy her Jane’s World comic and she seems to love all sorts of stuff from books to The Last Star fighter. I’d love to hear the stories she has.
    3. Miyabi Fujieda- Oh, I do love how his style mixes in well with the story. I just can’t wait to ask him why talking mouths look more like extremely U shaped smiles.

    1. Yomiko Readman- Wow, not only does she love reading books, has been on incredible adventures, but I think she’d be the type of person who’d brighten any situation up with her charm and wit. A very nice likable person.
    2. Excel Excel- Not only will she not stop talking, but she’ll make everyone around her feel comfortable by knowing that no matter how weird a topic they might bring up will be, nothing can surpass the sheer amount of surprises that will no doubt come out of Excel’s mouth.
    3. Alpha Hatsuseno- If there is anyone who can bring up an interesting topic, it’s that of an android who has been through so much in so many ways. Her stories will no doubt be fascinating given that we can’t experience things the way she does. Plus, she’d be the one who sets up the tea party with her epic drinks.

  9. Riyoko Ikeda, as a nod to the older school and because she honestly seems like fun. The fact that she dropped out of manga to become a singer only interests me more. I’ll bet she’s got stories to tell.

    Takako Shimura, for the more recent school and to promote an artist still very much in her prime. On a personal level: as a trans lesbian, I deeply appreciate how thoughtfully she handled transgender in a field where it’s mostly a source of gags.

    Torajiro Kishi, as an “outsider” on the lesbian set and because I was impressed with how much communication and interpersonal relationships played a role in Makamaka, and out of appreciation for one of the few truly memorable adult-oriented Yuri I’ve read.

    Reki from Haibane Renmei, with Rakka invited along as “plus one” on the invitation. What can I say — the situation in which they found themselves never really lent itself to any more overt exploration of their connection, and I think watching them socialize with others as a de facto couple would be so darn *cute*.

    Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga from Azumanga Daioh, who is one of the most genuinely nice people in the show. For some reason I always read that character as one who might wind up finding her way out of the closet in adulthood, and it pays to provide role models for the younger set. The fact that I’m from the same planet doesn’t hurt at all. >> Though it might make it a bit harder to discuss Kishi’s work in any overt manner.

    Yuyuko Saigyouji of Touhou Project. A friendly and good-natured personality, who has *something* in common with all of the other fictional guests and most of the real ones as well.

  10. Ayana Mudou says:

    Sapho – To express the beginning of it all.

    Virginia Woolf – To hear the perspective of an artist in a changing world.

    Akiko Morishima – In order to put an example how Yuri is expressed nowadays.

    Three important figures to discuss Yuri and lesbianism in different periods of time and different ways of expressing it.


    Saint-Juste – From Oniisama he…to put an angsty twist.

    Jun – From Hayate x Blade…To put the flavor in the conversation from plain silly to plain ecchi.

    Blonde – From Gunjo… to put an example of someone with an stable job and life that is willing to change everything for the one she loves.

  11. kumako08 says:

    can’t wait to attned one if it becomes real ^^


    Three real humans:

    I would invite “Milk Morinaga” the Yuri mangaka since it would be great to talk to her things related to “Yuri”. Then, “Shizuru Hayashiya” mangaka of “Hayate X Blade” and “Strawberry Shake Sweet” to talk to her about how she thought about the story plot. Last but not least, Takako Shimura mangaka of “Aoi Hana” and “Hōrō Musuko” as it would be great to talk to her about Yuri and transgender issues.

    Fictitious characters:

    As for a fiction character it would be Sumika Murasame from “Sasameki Koto” as I think she would be cool and then we can tease her about Ushio Kazama. Then, “Nagi Kurogane” from “Hayate X Blade” so I can ask her some good moves to flirt. Last but not least, Kanako Miyamae from “Maria Holic” as it would be nice to see her nosebleed due to sexual perverseness.

  12. Lillian says:

    by god, all these responses are incredible!

    *bows out*

    i think it’s with a large scooping of your help that we have come to this point where we are aware of the choices in yuir manga that are out there, and can pick and choose… nice work :)

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