Yuri Manga: Comic Lily, Volume 2

April 12th, 2010

I’ve mentioned in the past that my brain has a neat little habit of wiping out anything that I read that is either excessively boring or emotionally harmful. (For instance, I remember that I once read a book that I afterwards described as making me feel as if I had been outside on the street when a bank robbery was in process – not actually involved, but still traumatized. I can no longer remember what the book was or what made me feel that way and for that, I am extremely grateful.)

The downside to that is that every time I read something like Comic Lily, Volume 2 (comicリリィ) I completely forget all of the contents almost immediately . Even after reading it twice, it’s all I can do to remember that the first story was okay and there was one or two other stories that were bearable and the rest is a complete blank.

The first story is a rather typical story about Tamaki who is angry at Mitsuki for being herself, which is to say, a bit of a doofus and prone to falling in love with guys. Tamaki is herself pissy-faced and annoyed because she is actually jealous of those guys and in love with Mitsuki. There is some drama, but the ending is happy.

There’s a few continuing series that aren’t too bad – and are better when you read them in sequence so they provide their own context.

Most of the rest of the stories are angry confessions or sad confessions or bittersweet confessions or frustrated confessions with the occasional kiss.


If the moment of confession is the thing you like, then Comic Lily is a good bet for you. If you, like me, are looking more for the bits after “happily-ever-after” then it’s safe to pass on this anthology.


Overall – 6

This is not an anthology that is pushing any boundaries or changing the world. It is an anthology that scratches an itch that has been scratched many times before and by – in many cases – people with longer nails. (Wow, did that analogy get weird fast. lol)

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