Yuri Manga: Yuri Hime S, Volume 12

April 20th, 2010

I will continue to do what I started with last issue, and only address the stories I felt were worth reading. The rest do not appeal to me for one reason or another and I don’t want to waste my time even so much as synopsizing them.

So, for me, the first story in Yuri Hime S, Volume 12, is “Fufu.” Let me be very clear – this story is *important.* Some people, after having read my glowing review of this story from the last volume were disappointed because nothing happens. The first chapter is just about two women who sit around talking. This is followed by this volume’s chapter in which they go out shopping for a bed. That’s it. But that’s precisely why it’s important. This story is about the little moments of domestic bliss that are the majority of time spent in a marriage. On 2chan, the response was, “why should I care?” and a lot of derision about lesbians and why they don’t want lesbians in their Yuri. That’s why this story is important. Because, no, Yuri fandom, especially the male half, are not more open-minded and accepting. If anything they are usually less – sexually immature sometimes, sexually conservative frequently. Otaku in Japan are rarely socially liberal. Social and political equality for gay couples is not even in the playbook, much less a priority.

So when “Fufu” covers this territory, gently, adorably forcing this audience to repeatedly confront the fact that lesbian couples are happy without a man, and would like to have words and laws that protect their status absolutely – it is important. I remain thrilled with Ichijinsha’s decision to run this series in Yuri Hime S.

Above all…c’mon…the story is about getting a big pluffy bed! As a proud owner of one of those, I say without reservation that this is the greatest story ever! lol

In “Okkake x girls” Amami-sempai and Koyanagi-sempai had a smoking hot kiss in the last scene of the school play and it’s inspired some of the other students to try it out. This series gets points for having Amami accepted into the “Sakarazuka” school where she’ll become a real prince.

In “Kaichou to Fukukaichou” the Vice President is starting to come to terms with what she feels is a hopeless love for the President, only to encounter the President in tears over a difficult family situation. She offers comfort in the form on an embrace and lets the girl she loves cry in her arms.

“Marriage Black” tells the tale of two daughters of opposing crime families, mixed in with a little “The Graduate” and a little murder. I kind of wonder where this one is going.

Hiyori Otsu’s “Orange and Yellow” covers the well-worn territory of a girl and the moron she loves. ^_^

“Shinagami Alice” avoids explaining anything by adding a sadistic Loli who kidnaps the lead, so we don’t notice there’s no plot.

The plot takes a turn for the irrelevant when the male lead of the play disappears just before the school festival in “Konohana Link.” I’m once again of the mind that this will all make more sense once I get all the chapters together, because right now, it’s too scattered for me to follow.

The memes are flying thick and fast with no sign of an actual story in “Zettai Shoujo Astoria” No one’s gonna complain that this story moves slow – it’s on a treadmill to nowhere at full speed right now. Even the characters run around the campus a lot.

Anna’s doll talks and she’s still in love with Elza. Elza asks her to be her disciple, and kind of misses the fact that she’s in love with Anna, too. It’s okay, it’s not like we expected genius from “Cassiopeia Dolce.”

And while that’s only about half the volume – that’s the half I read. There’s other stuff, both adequate and bad, and I’m sure some of you will like it very much, so let me remind you that only buy *buying* Yuri can you support it. Otherwise, you’re just stealing from the artists and the publishers. If you follow a series regularly, consider purchasing the magazine to pay the bills of the hard-working men and women who create these stories for you!


Overall – 7

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  1. Katherine says:

    I love that “Fufu” is in Yuri Hime S now- the only downside is that now I’m compelled to import another magazine. lol I’ll probably add it to my next Yuri panel.

    And that story you linked to is ghastly. It’s hard to imagine being in that position. I really hope that Mr. Clay gets justice- even though he won’t get back what he lost.

  2. @Katherine – It is beyond ghastly that my wife an I have so little protection after all these years together.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Cryssoberyl says:

    Fufu is of course awesome, and reminds me a lot of Fujieda Miyabi’s work, which is high praise needless to say.

    I can’t help but wonder though, if there is such a negative response to a story like this, is there not a risk that it might be cancelled?

    Ever since Gretel sadly vanished, I wonder a lot about the influence reader opinion has on what runs and how long it runs.

    …Although now that I’m considering those two together, I’m even more confounded. If otaku don’t want fluffy-lovey-coupley (Fufu), and yet neither do they want lusty-sexy-flirty (Gretel), then…I think I feel another brain-BSoD coming on…

  5. @cryssoberyl – You are conflating audience with market. Like 4chan, 2chan are the folks least likely to buy anything. No sane company would listen to that non-buyers have to say. These are the wankers of the otaku world, whining about anything makes them feel less than entitled masters of the universe.

  6. Ayra says:

    No “Apocalypse” in this volume? I adore that story: While you could argue that it’s the standard ‘two girls falls in love’ situation, the whole situation and setting is very unique and pretty interesting.

    With the Linkage (thank you for the help in pointing me in the right direction to buy it by the way!) and Apocalypse, Kurata Uso is likely my favorite Yuri author.

    So yeah, it’s a shame there’s no Apocalypse in volume 12! I suppose that I should probably grab it anyway because of Fufu, though… :)

  7. Erin says:

    @Ayra: There was no Apocalypse in this volume, but there was an announcement that it will be becoming part of their cell phone line. (I’m not sure if this will be in addition to the magazine serialization or instead of it).

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s why this story is important. Because, no, Yuri fandom, especially the male half, are not more open-minded and accepting. If anything they are usually less – sexually immature sometimes

    Hey, I resent that. I am not immature *pout*

    not more open-minded and accepting…sexually conservative frequently.

    …that doesn’t even make sense. I’m not saying that you’re wrong just that it doesn’t make sense if true.

  9. Zefiris says:

    it doesn’t make sense if true.

    Homophobic hypocrisy rarely makes sense. And it most likely is true.

    @Erica: I don’t regret buying the last two issues of YHS, just for this single story. Fufu is just… I don’t know, quietly important. It is an unexpected gem in a magazine I consider mediocre in every other way.
    I am looking forward to more chapters of this, and hope YHS has the guts to continue ignoring the vocal people at 2chan.

  10. Maggienificent says:

    Awwwwwwwww…I love Fufu! It’s so simple and sweet – feels like a story actually written by a lesbian, for lesbians! Imagine that. Here’s hoping it continues, as it’s really the only thing I like about Yuri Hime S.

    By the way, thanks for your recommendation somewhere on the blog for Poor, Poor Lips! It’s hysterical and I love love love it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What makes me mad as heck is when rabid yaoi fangirls/Yuri fanboys insist that Japan’s more ‘open-minded’ about homosexuality and more ‘liberal’ and accepting because they have yaoi and Yuri. Your little bit on the fandom’s intolerance is something I’ve been screaming for years.

    I love domestic-esque Yuri/yaoi (not as much) stories like fufu. (I’m a big fan of Honey&Honey personally.) I tried to find out but couldn’t find much info- but is it currently in a tankouban format I could buy? Like in a collection or anything?

  12. @Anonymous – Not yet. Fu-Fu, Volume 1 will probably be out this summer. It is still relatively new, and Yuri Hime S was only a quarterly publication. Now that the merged Yuri Hime is up to 6 times a year, we’ll see more of it, I have no doubt. Watch my Saturday Yuri Network News reports for the announcement of the Fu-Fu collection.

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