Yuri Manga: Jormungand, Volume 3 (English)

June 8th, 2010

I think it’s reasonable to say that Volume 3 of Jormungand is as Yuri as this series is likely to get. Which is to say, not really all that much, but enough. ^_^

Volume 3 is more fragmented than the previous volumes, which is either the author’s way of letting us know he thinks we can handle it, or his way of saying “fuck it, I’m going to do whatever I want and if you can’t handle it, then don’t read it, see if I care.” ^_^

To begin we learn a little of Jonah’s background and why he hates arms and arms dealers, and we also see that he has a soft spot for other children, something that seems likely to bite him in the ass. This being Jormungand and not something else, when it *does* bite him in the ass, it’s actually kind of funny.

We then turn our attention, in a somewhat ADHD manner, to several sub-plots that will all undoubtedly come to a head in somewhere, Africa. If you like your tales neat and beginning-middle-end then this volume may pose a challenge, as characters, plot complications and, well, just about everything are thrown at us in a jumble. Works fine for me, but your mileage may vary.

In between the big plot points and obvious set-ups, we do meet a few new characters…and get to spend a little more time with our resident lesbian, Valmet. She has a real name, did you know? Sophie. I’ve always liked that name. I also quite like crazy, violent women who wear eyepatches, so if Valmet ever tires of Koko (and presuming I was a character in this manga,) I’d be glad to pick up the slack. ^_^

Along the way, we meet an unnamed female bodyguard, who will obviously be our next enemy….oh look, she is. We also meet “Dr. Miami” a researcher specializing in butterflies who appears to also have an unrequited thing for Koko. Understandably so.

Fights break out. Guns are shot. People we don’t care about die.

The thing about Jormungand that really makes it stand out from all the other crazy lunatic violent series I read is that it’s…erm…funny. Very little angst here in this world of people who sell guns that kill people for a living. Which is good, because if they were all moping around like they do in Dogs it would be a dire, non-linear pile of crap. But since they are having such a good time, it’s the least I can do to enjoy it. So I do.

And there’s some Yuri. Yay!


Art – 7
Story – 7
Characters – 8
Yuri – 3
Service – 3

Overall – 8

If Valmet ever crossed series to work for Balalaika, I might die of fangirly joy.

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