New Okazu Header by Lissa Pattilo!

July 16th, 2010

Another Twitter triumph! Not only can I communicate with Yuri manga artists quickly, not only do I have awesome conversations with other anime and manga bloggers, industry folk and notables…not only do I have amazing amounts of high-utility fun on the world’s most annoying chat room, erm, social networking platform…I got me a new header, too!

One day, Lissa Patillo said on twitter that she felt creative, but had no projects. Half-jokingly I said, “You can always make me a new Okazu header!” And so she did.

So, let me say that 1) she’s a delight to work with (in case you have some paying work for her, hint hint); 2) her reviews are a blast to read, and; 3) she’s loads of fun to talk to.

Follow, friend, connect whatever, Social Media works. I got a new header to prove it. :-) I’ll be playing with it a bit in the days to come to see what I can add to the mix. Okazu has always been my playground for experimentation, so why not?

Thanks again Lissa! It’s going to make me happy every time I look at it.

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5 Responses

  1. grace says:

    cool header! very cute and very appropriate. i have to say following you on twitter and reading your blog is very fun.

  2. Thanks grace! It is definitely fun doing Okazu and Twitter. So far, so good! :-)

  3. I’m always hungry for Yuri! Hahaha! Love the new header!

    It’s interesting because I was thinking about the overall appearance of your site last week. The header is refreshing and so Okazu!

    Okay now I’m hungry for real food.

  4. Very nice! I especially like the….. Hey! She’s about to eat my Suer Hero Badge! Stop her!

  5. @asutoraeanooka and Ted the Awesome – Glad you like the new header. I need to tweak it a bit, but I’m very happy with it.

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