Yuri Manga: Love Flicker

August 16th, 2010

Once upon a time, I found myself staring at my empty living room coffee table, wondering what I was going to review that day, as there was nothing really Yuri out. That was a while back and today, it occurred to me that I haven’t actually *seen* my table in a while. I’m not complaining. ^_^

You regulars here know that I very much like Takemiya Jin’s work. It’s not that the art is so incredible or the stories are amazing, it’s just that together, they are fun to read – which is my number one criteria for anything I read. I like fun things, because “fun” is better than a lot of the other options when I read.

The stories in this collection of Takemiya-sensei’s work, Love Flicker, (ラブフリッカー) is fun. And, much like Hiyori Otsu’s Clover, a chunk of it turns out to be an interconnected series and not just the one-shots we thought they were. Hah on us!

In the first story, Chika asks her sempai out because she likes her but, because of rumors, innuendos, a guy and other plot complications, sempai breaks up with her. Chika hits the guy on the head with an artist’s palette and they resolve the rest of the issues by ignoring them.

In the second story, a woman who works at her family’s bakery falls for a student who always buys one mini-croissant. After she tracks the girl, Sakura, down at the school festival, she learns that Sakura’s family is in the rice business. Rice bread is born and we all live happily ever after, except…

Ichi-sempai recruits tall, athletic Miharu to the volleyball team. Miharu finds her self attracted to Ichi, but Ichi breaks down and admits that the sempai (bakery woman above) she likes has a girlfriend. Double lez gross out, huh? Miharu says that she’s not grossed out by sempai’s sempai, or by Ichi’s feelings because she feels that way about Ichi!

At the new student ceremony, Kimura passed out. She’s caught by Kado, but it’s Rinko-sempai who carries her to the infirmary. Kado and Kimura decide to become love rivals for Rinko’s attention, but when Kado comes right out and asks Rinko, Kimura realizies that it wasn’t Rinko she was in love with. Luckily, Rinko realizes it too, and Kimura and Kado are able to get together.

Now that Rinko’s free, the Student Council President is able to realize her dream and capture Rinko for her own. When she and Rinko graduate they express their “close friendship” to Kado and Kimura in the form of a passionate kiss.

The book closes with Ichi-sempai realizing that her feelings for Miharu are…well..love. She and Miharu come out to her sempai and her mini-croissant girl. Ichi’s sempai responds to this with “You too?”

This wraps up what was an entertaining collection of “Story A” stories by one of my fave doujinshi to professional Yuri artists.


Art – 7
Story – 8
Characters – 8
Yuri – 8
Service – 1

Overall – 8

Want a fun collection of Yuri stories? Get this book.

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  1. I may actually stop reading your reviews, they have lots of spoilers.

  2. I mean, they’re good, but i keep thinking “Man, then thiis is going to happen” when i read/watch the manga/anime.

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