Hayate x Blade Manga, Volume 12

September 7th, 2010

Today’s review is going to be shorter than it really should be, but I find words fail me.

It’s like, you remember that day when we all were fighting to get the star of some rogue graduate and there was, like, fighting everywhere and all the upperclassmen were like, “Swoosh!” and “Zam!” and everyone was running around and taking on  the Student *freaking* Council (!) and sometimes they even won and then there were those people who always hang around with that Kurogane kids and they were like fighting like, “Damn!” and they were running and running and the Chairwoman of the school was riding around on a big freaking white horse in armor and was all “THOSE WHO FIGHT WITH ALL THEIR HEART SHINE BRIGHTEST” and there was that avalanche which wiped out nearly everyone and that ninja girl was swinging from tree to tree and Mudo and Kurogane were trying to kill each other and it was all BAM!! and Pow!!! and in the end it was ***** who won the whole thing!

Yeah, it was totally like that.


Hayate x Blade, Volume 12 (はやて×ブレード), which is now available only for JP Kindle, is the most perfect storm of slapstick comedy, intellectual comedy, action and “WTF was THAT?” I’ve pretty much ever seen.

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  1. maggie says:


    That aside, I can’t wait for this volume to come out in English! Glad you didn’t spoil anything…except Hitsugi’s godly self riding in on a white horse (definitely tops the bull).

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard at a manga before, except maybe when I read Strawberry Shake Sweet. Shizuru Hayashiya…is a master.

  2. So sorry to bug you, but you seem like you have a bit of an inside track, so do you have any idea when Hayate X Blade 7 is finally going to come out in English?
    The first six volumes are getting lonely on my shelf.

  3. @shikome kido mi – Consider for a moment. Look at my blog. Look at all the announcements and news I report.

    Now, think…if I knew anything and was ablse to share it, do you think I wouldn’t share it?

    It seems much more sensible to assume that either I 1) have no information or 2) cannot share it.

    I will tell you when I know anything.

  4. My apologies.
    My impatience merely temporarily overrode my common sense.

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