Yuri Manga: Fidanzato no Tameiki

September 13th, 2010

Fidanzato no Tameiki (フィダンツァートのためいき) by Tanaka Rin, is a collection of Yuri Hime cell phone comics that take place at “Himeyuri Jogakuin,” a fictitious school of the girl’s private variety.

Each story is a short “plot, what plot?” in which a short set-up is followed by sex. The stories vary in quality from the highly suspect first story (to which my reaction actually was “Augh!” at the suddenness of the moment the characters are making out.) Because these stories are short and focus on the sex, they have all the weakness and strengths of most fanfic – they may not be to your taste, but are quickly over. And they very, very much read like a Yuri Hime cell phone series.

The first story touches upon a cool, competent swim team sempai who is quite inexplicably wowed by the adorableness of an incompetent, blubbering kouhai.

The second story contrasts a beautiful, sweet-tempered, and easily distracted Student Council President and her long-suffering Vice President.

In what is probably my favorite story, “Restrizione” two members of the Fine Arts Club have little in common but their feelings for one another. Thinking about it, I probably like it best because the characters are closer to being equal in status than most of the characters in the other stories. I also felt that the sexual tension between them worked where in some of the stories, it was a hand-wave that we had to accept existed, but wasn’t actually there.

The next story covers pervy sempai/cute, incompetent kouhai territory with a Yuri take on “Beauty and the Beast.” The irony stick is a little heavy for this one, as Beauty’s final monologue is about loving the beast despite her being so different from everyone else.

A track sempai let’s the whole school know she and her kouhai are lovers – in no uncertain terms – in the fifth story. This one wasn’t too bad; there was a little jealousy-conflict that made sense in the context of the story.

In the sixth story, a teasing Literature club president seduces the quiet girl with her words.

And in the final story, a student of Astronomy considers her teacher a heavenly body (and yes, I realize I deserve to be beaten for that pun.)

I can’t say that I loved this collection, but other than the first story, I really didn’t dislike it, particularly. It is what it is – collection of cell phone “ecchi” Yuri.


Art – Call it 7 – sometimes I really like Tanaka’s art…other times not so much
Story – 7, except the first one
Characters – 5 They left no impression
Yuri – 8
Service – 8

Overall – 7

Because the title was a little awkward in Japanese, I did a bit of research. Fidanzato is “engaged” or “fiancée” in Italian, but it’s in the male form. The title ought to be “Fidanzata no Tameiki.” You think any one but me cares? (^_^)

Today’s thanks go to Okazu Superhero Dan P., for sponsoring this item from my Amazon JP Wishlist! It was pretty bad, Dan. But wait, because the next one…through the roof.

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