Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesium Manga, Volume 2

September 20th, 2010

Where does one even begin with the mess that is Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesium (絶対少女聖域アムネシアン) Manga, Volume 2?

In my review of Volume 1, I pointed out all the major issues – the constant battering of sexualized violence that hides a really thin plot of nothing much; there is a hidden power that the “Kuyou” are seeking, and to get it, they must cause chaos and death and rip the clothes off girls, etc, etc…

The second volume includes peeping, fake ‘practice’ sexual intercourse (a scene so ill-conceived that I’m comfortable saying that either Kaishuku collectively has never had sexual relations with a woman, or that they expect their readers not to have had them, so they won’t know any better.)

A subplot includes the total destruction of Akihabara by fans possessed by an idol, something surely meant to be ironic, but instead was just the manga version of “full of loud explosions.” The end of the book had more irony, as we are left with the most obvious cliffhanger in the known universe. (Ironic in the sense of it being presented as a mystery at all, when we all knew from, like, the second page, that this was what was up.)

But, rest assured that skirts and shirts were ripped and breasts and underwear were shown and critical plot points were skipped so we could focus on these. On the other hand, since there is a case for this story being a continuation of the Himeko/Chikane story from the Kannizuki no Miko manga,  and for proving me right about them not having a happy ending, I suppose I’m glad in a “not that I care” kind of way. ^_^


Service –

Overall – 1

I counted while I was reading. Sighs won, followed by “UGH.” In third place was “Good god.” Also common was, “for pity’s sake” and “what a piece of /expletive deleted/.” To be very honest, this book and everything it represents makes me tired. Tired of swimming uphill against a river of effluvia like this. This is not Yuri. It’s sewage. Okazu Superhero Dan P is to “thank” for sponsoring today’s review. Let me know what you think when the books arrive, Dan!

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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Look on the bright side: after reading this, Creo of the Crimson Roses won’t seem nearly as trashy in comparison!

    Full disclaimer: I’m not sure if I remembered the full name of that correctly, and also there’s nothing particularly special about it except that it’s the next most trashy Yuri series I can think of.

  2. @Anonymous “Creo the Crimson Crisis” and yeah, I have never and will never review that. ^_^

  3. darkchibi07 says:

    …which by the way, there hasn’t been any new chapter of “Creo the Crimson Crisis” on the more recent Yuri Hime. I hope it didn’t get dropped by Ichijinsha.

    Now as for this…….I’m still rather curious about this glorious train wreck will resolve itself. Though I’m even more curious about this Himegami no Miko found here:


  4. G Clark says:

    And here I thought Otome Kikan Gretel was just about the trashiest thing ever…

    That said, as a slightly abashed Kaishaku fan I will be happy to relieve your library of these volumes at any price you deem reasonable. ;)

    (No, there is no accounting for taste – good or bad.)

  5. @G Clark – Sorry, the books are being sent to their rightful owner, Okazu Superhero Dan P. Otherwise I’d have been glad to share the agony with you.

    Gretel was indeed trashy, but does not include the dislike and distate for women so palpable in Kaishaku’s works, IMHO.

  6. Anonymous says:

    and for proving me right about them not having a happy ending

    Thankfully you were proven wrong by the (horrible) ending. It’s not a KnM continuation, so Himeko and Chikane keep their happy end ^-^

    Which makes me sleep better. This is, after all, probably the worst manga I ever read chapters of. I don’t know how you could even stomach reading volume 2.

  7. Anonymous says:

    how dare u ppl call creo the crimson crisis trashy, it gets really good and funny before they dropped it.

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