Yuri Manga: Yuri Hime, Volume 21 (Part 1)

September 22nd, 2010

We’re right on the cusp of the big merge now. Here were are at Volume 21 of Yuri Hime. One more volume of Yuri Hime S and then they will combine like two galaxies, which I’m sure could be a really funky extended metaphor if I had an ounce of energy to do it. ^_^;

This volume begins with a interview with Shimura Takako, creator of hit Yuri series Aoi Hana. Questions about drawing Yuri, love between girls and the BL and Yuri audiences are asked and answered.  It’s very much a public figure interview, so don’t expect massive personal revelations or spoilers for Akira and Fumi, but as interviews go – it was a good one. Most interesting to me was the use of the word “Yuri” to describe the work and the audience. It might not seem like a big thing to you, but it’s been a decade’s worth of work for me. ^_^

“Renai Joshika” starts to tie up loose ends, as Himeno and Shiraha shed some baggage in order to be able to move forward together.

In “Watashi to Kanoujo” two girls are together, while in “Hoshitotsu  Bokuro” two girls are separated.

Shio’s hair is really pretty and Kanako loves to play with it, but when classmates are unkind about their friendship, Shio puts some distance between them, in “Yuri Yuri.” After a short, tense time apart, they decide that they’d actually like to become closer and the other girls can suck it up.

Takemiya Jin’s “Love Aroma” follows a student who can’t get the scent of the new teacher out of her mind.

The Black Cat Mansion series tries something totally different – two adult women! Kumi and Nozomu are a great couple and ought to be very happy together…but aren’t, until a visit to the Black Cat Mansion forces them to have the conversation they weren’t having, but needed to.

Next up is a “commercial message” from Furutsuji Kikka, the creator of Knife-Edge Girl on the critical topic of her characters’ bust sizes. Oh, and don’t forget to buy the book!

“Hime Koi” and “Para Yuri Hime” are both short and forgettable, and the pages that follow outline manga that won the most recent contest held by Ichijinsha. We can expect to see some of the newcomers in the upcoming issues.

Which brings us to “Love DNA Double XX” which is steadfastly not going where I thought it would, for which I am very, very thankful. Aoi and Sakura begin a duel over competing ideas of honorable behavior and do not conclude it quickly at all. In fact, I think I really actually began to like this story, when 20 minutes later they are still fighting – and their audience is getting tired and bored. ^_^  Does the end come in the shining flash of a sword – tune in next issue to find out!

Which brings us halfway and to the “Petit Yuri Hime” 5-year anniversary pamphlet. 5 years. That makes Yuri Hime the longest-running Yuri/lesbian-focused magazine in Japan. Something to be proud of, for sure!

In ten more years, when Yuri Hime turns 15 and Yuricon 20, I wonder what the Yuri landscape will look like?

Short overview today, because it’s been a really long day today. I’ll finish it up tomorrow!

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  1. darkchibi07 says:

    “In ten more years, when Yuri Hime turns 15 and Yuricon 20, I wonder what the Yuri landscape will look like?”

    I predict that we FINALLY have an anime TV series adaptation from a Yuri Hime title. Though I hope before I die or whether the world doesn’t blow itself up, there’ll be a section somewhere in Japan devoted solely on Yuri similar to that Otome Road.

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