Shopping, Day 1

November 8th, 2010

We have well and truly shopped until we dropped. We’re both sitting here barely coherent, eating food from the convenience store woodenly. I am contemplating a bath because I cannot think of anything else.

The morning started bright and early about 80 hours ago, it feels. Bruce and I had a pleasant breakfast then wandered leisurely through a few of the local stores. After a few hours, we met my Commanding Officer, Ana, who joined us for lunch at the Lion Beer Hall (us and the old guys who eat there.) Afterwards, we came back to the room and had a nice chat about translation and the manga market and related stuff. Ana had a bus to catch so we showed her off, then headed out to Nakano to shop more.

About 2 hours later we had bags stuffed with books and the arches in our feet had collapsed, so we straggled home….

Shopping is hard work.

Tomorrow, we want to get to Shibuya, Akihabara and Hibiya, if possible. Right now, I want to make it to the bath tub.

But first! I must eat my One Piece orange jello. ^_^

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