Three Out of Four Ain’t Bad

November 9th, 2010

The morning dawned, as it always does when I travel, too early. Bruce and I lazed around the room this morning, eating a combi breakfast, then headed out on one of the chores I was asked to do. We started with Hibiya and the Takarazuka Theater, where we bought stuff for a friend. Of course we bought stuff for us too, duh.

Then we headed over to Shibuya where, despite my resolve, I ended up buying more books. I’ll do that thing where I lay everything out for you, but this time it was a lot more books and a lot less stuff.

We popped back to the hotel for an unload/refresh, then did a quick reccie of K-Books here to look for something I didn’t expect to find and so was not upset when I didn’t.

Then we tried to squeeze in Akihabara. It was one thing too many for me. The migraine I’ve been fighting since I got here just whomped me flat. I left Bruce and came back to the hotel where I am trying to stay upright and pack. Then sleep. Tomorrow it’s once more around the area and off to the airport, so don’t expect to see me for a few days.

It’s been fun as always! See you all soon!

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