Yuri Network News – November 13, 2010

November 13th, 2010

Thanks to everyone for your patience while I gadded about the globe. We’re back with a Yuri Network Report that’s sure to thrill…or something.

Live Action Movies

From the “ehhh?” file, we’ve got news of Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, the creative team behind Xena, Warrior Princess picking up the option for a live-action movie version of Bee Train’s Noir. Immediately upon my tweeting this, fans began saying incredibly stupid things like, “It’ll be good as long as they keep Canta Per Me” or “Ohh, maybe that means they’ll do El Cazador too!” Quick note folks – they will change *everything,* location, stories, music, everything and no, they will not also do El Cazador. Get past that now, it’ll save a lot of tiresome teeth-gnashing down the line, supposing this project goes anywhere at all. Thanks. ^_^


Yuri Manga

The reborn Yuri Hime magazine will hit the shelves this week!

Also out this week is Kazuma Kowo’s Sayonara Folklore from Yuri Hime Comics.

And, at last, the final volume of GIRL FRIENDS by Morinaga Milk is available! I’d like to take this opportunity to ask all of you who have been enjoying this manga by reading scanlations to please *support* the artist by purchasing the manga. If even a third of you do, it will make a big difference to her.

Let me also call your attention to a new anthology called Flower Festa, which is a group work by a number of doujinshi artists – each artist has contributed a character, and a story using any or all of the characters submitted by the others. One of my favorite artists, Houjou KOZ of Circle UKOZ has contributed. It’s a neat premise and it looks like the execution will be fun.

Yuri Anthology Hirari is launching the 3rd volume with a new name – Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari, which I think is pretty indicative of the “slightly before story A” type stories that have been running in it.

And my last bit of news this week is a kind of WTF moment, as (according to the book covers in the stores) the third Volume of Morita-san ha Muguchi, slated for late next February, will come with a short anime. If you recall, this series is about a girl who never speaks, so the idea of it being turned into an anime is quite silly.


That’s a wrap for this week.

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Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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5 Responses

  1. GregC says:

    Interesting that Starz picked up the Noir live action. They are also co-producing the next Torchwood series with the BBC. Whether Noir ends up good or bad, similar or practically unrecognizable,I want to see what it turns into. I enjoy watching the alchemy in the process. See if they turn gold into lead, or into different gold. I loved the Blood: the Last Vampire live action movie so you never know… :)

  2. @GregC That is interesting. I think you can bank on “unrecognizable,” as it’s pretty obvious that there’s little concern for fans in the remakes of comics, cult shows and manga into movies.

    The reason I was able to enjoy the Marimite movie was that I knew they’d change things. It was fine with me. How close to the book they were wasn’t an issue – how close to the characters they were, was.

    If they do get this made – and there’s no reason to assume it will be – it’ll be different and, we can hope, enjoyable for what it is.

  3. I finally got around to ordering the entire set of Girl Friends. I wanted to buy the earlier volumes a while ago but now that the last one is available, I went ahead and got them all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh god, Noir movie. (froths at the mouth)

    It’ll be interesting to see their take on it. Whether their changes will be a nice clean, amputation in a “oh, well, okay, that’s kinda…cool” kinda way or a messy, ugly, butchering “oh god…oh god, WHY?” kind of way.

    Either way I’m looking forward to it! ^_____^


  5. Atarun says:

    Hey, Erica, welcome back :)

    Funny that Sam Raimi would work on Noir… At least we know he can work with badass female characters and subtext (Xena) and endless streams of grunts meant to die quickly (Evil Dead). Check. ^^

    About scanlations… For me, someone who reads scanlations and does not buy the books completely surrenders the right to use or even merely agree with the (long expired) statement “scanlations are not bad, since they grow the audience for manga/anime/J-music”…
    as well as any right to pretend they care about manga or authors or the value of work or even Japan.

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